Zulie Visram

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Zulie Visram

After years of looking at myself in the mirror and feeling unhappy with what I saw, I decided to follow the lead of a friend and check out The Bootcamp Effect. Until then, I have to admit that the few gyms I’d tried after some misguided New Year’s resolutions had all been either too boring and uninspiring or just not my style. The Bootcamp Effect had been the total opposite of everything I’d come to expect in a gym. During the first week of absolutely feeling sick to my stomach after every workout at the Boot Camp, I thought of giving up again because it was too hard and I was just not cut out to be active in this environment. Just then I received all kinds of encouragement from Josh and his team of trainers to keep at it and set out some goals. I began (at their suggestion) to keep track of my daily food intake and this got me on the road to some serious re-evaluation of my lifestyle. I began to look after myself and had managed to drop some 20 lbs. very simply by following a pseudo Paleo diet.In January 2013, after having been at the BE for about four months, I suffered a cardiac episode (aka heart attack) just after Saturday morning class. During my stay in the hospital, I realized how important The Bootcamp Effect had become in the overall well-being of my life. The cardiac nurses informed me that my choice of joining The Bootcamp Effect was perhaps the single most important factor in minimizing the effects of my heart attack. At that point, I was determined to get back to BE and not just struggle through the workouts, but to excel at what I was doing. I told myself that you will never know your true limits until you push yourself to them.Well, here I am. I remember that August evening in 2012 at my first Boot Camp class when Josh pointed to where the skipping ropes were and I said to him that I really did not know how to skip; he looked at me and said “Zulie, over here everybody skips”. He proceeded to show me how, and after a year and a half, some 50 lbs. lighter, with a basket full of goals, and a whole lot of attitude to see them through. Thank you Bootcamp Effect, you saved my life!

January 2014