Sandra Galbraith

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Sandra Galbraith

“Growing up, I was always quite active, but as an adult, I realized that I had become very busy but less active. When my husband and I signed up for our free trial week at The Bootcamp Effect, I remember Josh asking us something like “what is your greatest barrier to fitness?” My answer was “time.” At that point, I didn’t know how I was going to add another thing to my already packed day, but I figured (like with everything else) that if I liked it enough I would make time for it. Almost a year has now passed, and I clearly like it enough – not only to make time for it, but to make it a priority in my life. With typical fitness programs, the novelty wears off quite quickly, but the ever-changing workouts at BE keep me interested and challenged, and the trainers and members keep me amused and engaged every single day. I worried about time when I signed up, but BE has actually made extra time for me in my day, because I leave work on time so I don’t miss the workout. It is amazing how an extra hour at work or at home doing chores can disappear without any significant gain. An hour at BE is always time well-spent with compounded benefits. As an added perk, Bootcamp Effect has made my activities outside of the gym more enjoyable too! I love to hike, bike, and ski (on water and snow), and the strength I have gained as a result of BE has made me much better at these activities too (without even trying). Last summer, I couldn’t figure out why I was suddenly skiing so much faster, longer, and better. My friend said, I think it’s ‘the bootcamp.’ Thanks to Josh, his team of trainers, and the BE members, I am experiencing The Bootcamp Effect… PS. If BE ever offers a lifetime membership, I’m in!”

February 2015