Rani M.

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Rani M.

Josh has created an atmosphere where working out is fun, inviting, exciting, challenging and, most importantly, effective. Although there are many other bootcamps and “functional training” facilities out there, few of them compare with the Bootcamp Effect. The methodology and science behind Josh’s training sessions emphasize fat loss while creating muscle and maintaining the structural integrity of the body. You could write a textbook on the reasoning behind daily, weekly and monthly exercise combinations. Luckily, as a member you just have to do the workouts and not think about that! Personally, I have not only noticed an aesthetic difference in my body, my athletic performance has greatly improved. On the soccer pitch, I am able to kick and throw the ball farther than ever before. I constantly find myself transferring what we work on in the training sessions into my daily life, which includes a continuous soundtrack in my head of Josh telling me to brace my core and pinch my shoulder blades together. I want to thank Josh for his commitment to creating a world-class training environment. His commitment to the fitness industry and improving people’s lives is evident in every member who has deconstructed their own perceptions of what their abilities are. Whether you are new to fitness or are a seasoned athlete, you will not only achieve your goals, you will push your body beyond what you ever thought possible.

October 2013