Michael Conway

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Michael Conway

“Thank you Josh, Karen and the Bootcamp Effect “All star” training team for even considering me for this, so many great hard working members to choose from, I’m humbled at every workout. Well, I played sports all my life, soccer, volleyball, yada, yada. Fast forward to my late thirties and hung up the soccer boots due to arthritic back issues. Switched to volleyball, until I tore my bicep tendon. Mid forties, thinking I had a good run, heard bocci ball and lawn darts were fun. Enter my fifties and my lovely (much younger) wife says she wants to try this Bootcamp Effect. My better idea, dust off those exercise dvd’s, use our home gym, get in shape while saving cash. Glad she hears my idea and signs us up for the 2 weeks for $20 trial. I loved sports but could count on one hand the times I went to the gym to workout. Never lifted weights, too boring and frankly I was afraid of getting hurt.

Deadlifts, thrusters? Aren’t those NASA engineering terms? I entered B.E. and my feeling of intimidation before the first workout quickly vanished as the trainers lead the group warm up. You really get the sense they have your back. Now a few months in and I realize that this isn’t only from the awesome B.E. trainers but also from your fellow teammates that are beside you giving it their all. Yes teammates, and if someone would have told me working out was a team sport I would have thought they were cuckoo bananas! But this is B.E. I not only look forward to getting my butt kicked but also seeing the people and friends that continue to inspire me, “misery loves company” but in a totally great way!

We are all works in progress and The Bootcamp Effect really helps to remind you that physically and mentally it’s never too late to be a better you. Everyone deserves to know their potential, to realize it is up to you. Looking for the fountain of youth? It’s off the Langley bypass at The Bootcamp Effect. So thanks again to Josh and Karen and the B.E. dream team of trainers, Alicia, Chantal, Jared, Joe, and Shawn. They have you at hello. They passionately educate, motivate and cultivate a culture that I can only describe as “tribal” in nature and I’m proud to be part of the tribe.

Must be so cool to be changing lives!”

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February 2017