Jim Keeley

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Jim Keeley

“I have been running and or weight lifting on and off since I was a teenager., mostly at home. While I enjoyed it, long periods of time went by without a single workout. I lacked motivation for one reason or another. I tried Befit before a Destination wedding to try it out. Loved it. Took the summer off thinking I would continue what I started at home, and didn’t. Started back in September, and not once since then have I even thought about making an Excuse not to come.While many a day I have cursed under my breathe at some of the workouts, I think it is those same challenges that keep me coming back. Also have been inspired by not only Josh’s commitment to bettering us, ( above and beyond during COVID ), the trainers enthusiasm, but also from fellow member’s energy and drive. Just turned 60, and Best shape in 35 years. I am doing exercises trainers have demonstrated that I thought I could never do. Great Recipe for success Befit.”

July 2020