Ian Tate

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Ian Tate

“For the past 10 years I have had a fairly decent work out regime, reducing my weight from 230lbs to 205 lbs. AND I am only 5 7” so yes I am a bit of tank…an old 48 year old last of the Baby Boomers 1962 model…a cart horse not a pedigree race horse… Within what I was doing for work outs I was stagnating, getting injured, too many long repetitious work outs… Anyhoo…I was pissing around in my driveway last September pizzling with my bike lamenting my training doldrums, trying to move a roll of belly fat out of the way so I could adjust the bike brakes, when I Josh’s dad, Bobby crossed my path with the Saunders’ family hound… I told him about…two sore knees, work outs kinda blah…weight going up, motivation going down, sick of thinking what to do…tired of not making progress. Bob told me about Josh’s program and 10 minutes later he was back with sign up forms and an information package… So I signed up for the Boot Camp Effect…in October of last year… I was about to get coached by some kid whose nose I used to wipe during cul de sac road hockey games?? Zounds!! Well…the weight is down to 188 lbs so at least 15 lbs off…AND Muscle mass is up…tone is better…energy is higher… I am not doing everything I am told vis a vis eating and if I was then I think I would be lighter and more toned and CUT!!?? For the first time in my life CUT with washboard abs…okay settle down that is the next phase….this fall….stay tuned…back to the testimonial… The work outs are diverse…they are fun…Josh and his staff are high energy and knowledgeable (remember Josh has a degree from a major BC university in this stuff so this is not a random program)… The motivation is positive, energetic, encouraging and consistent…and the trainers are always sensitive to individual needs…different strokes for different folks. My knee pain, thanks to strengthening the quads and other leg muscles via several million body weight squats and other techniques…is virtually gone and I do have a Teflon knee ligament…the roll of belly fat is definitely diminished….there is a modest V shape taper…I am stronger and faster… This is a class for every man and /or woman 19-80 years old (except probably for prima donnas who know it all anyway…) who is motivated to get fitter but doesn’t want to be an expert…who wants to get buff…or who just wants to trim a little…or just feel better…or learn how to work out with proper form and technique…or get into a positive group exercise scenario… And the cost? Well compare it to the cost of medication if you crap out through sloth and avarice, the cost of a gym membership you never use and wouldn’t know what to do when you are there anyway… Ohh yes and both of my daughters have used the program too..they both love it also… SO THERE…what the hell are you waiting for…sign up and all aboard the pain train!! (Just kidding there is no pain train…unless you want there to be…)”

July 2011