Darren Houldsworth

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Darren Houldsworth

I joined The Bootcamp Effect for one reason… Tough Mudder! And here is my journey…Sometime in December I found out about this thing called Tough Mudder from a co-worker. I wanted to sign-up after the first video I saw, however, over the past 12+ years I have gained over 52lbs and I wasn’t in very good shape to be climbing, crawling, jumping, and running. So, I grabbed some ice cream, sat down on the couch, hit play on my favorite PVR’d shows, and surfed the net on my iPad looking for a gym in Langley… and the rest is history!I can still remember that first week in January… I emailed on Wednesday to setup a consult, went on Thursday to see it in action, and did my first weigh-in and class on Saturday. I spent of few of those intervals lying on the floor and I can still hear Josh just telling me to keep my head up so I don’t pass out. THAT was a rough class and a real eye opener. I set some realistic goals with Karen: Lose 32 pounds in 5.5 months and to be able to do chin-ups. Well, it took me just under 2 months to lose the 32 pounds and now I can haul my butt over walls and do chin-ups to tackle the Funky Monkey at Tough Mudder. My biggest issue was food: sugar, sugar, sugar, fat, and sodium. Josh got me to track all my food, and I did so religiously for the first 2 months. I bought a kitchen scale, I looked at nutritional info for restaurants before I went, I calculated recipes into portions, and I tracked every bit of food that I ate even down to counting and weighing almonds! Maybe a bit overkill, but it showed me where I needed to focus, and now it’s second nature. Around the 3 month mark I hit a plateau and my weight loss stopped for about 6 weeks. I went on a business trip and gained a few pounds back. Tough Mudder was fast approaching, so I changed things up and my body found another gear. I lost another 12 pounds in 2 weeks by changing over to clean/paleo eating. I feel more satisfied and I don’t have anywhere near the same sugar cravings as before. The Bootcamp Effect isn’t just a gym, it’s a COMPLETE life changing experience for me. The trainers help you with your nutrition, push you to get to the next level and get the extra calorie burn, help you work through any injuries, and keep switching it up to keep you interested and motivated. A big part for me is technology. Josh brought in some heart rate monitors, and I now track every workout with an HRM (and GPS if I’m outdoors) so that I have targets to try to beat next time. No more excuses about skipping a workout, or the outdoors being too hot/cold/wet… just pick a class and go all out! I’m all about the numbers: I lost 8 pounds in my first week. I lost 20 pounds in my first month. My total weight loss is 53 pounds (in 5 months), and there are just under 3 weeks until Tough Mudder. My best Grouse Grind time has gone from 1:05:00 to 43:57, and I was able to carry my son up the Grouse Grind in a backpack (35 pounds). I can do 3+ hour, 60km, 4000 calorie burn bicycle rides through the steep hills in Mission. And best of all, I am now enjoying a more active life with my wife and my 1 year old son! 🙂 P.S. My reward after Tough Mudder is a stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza!!! I can’t wait!!!

April 2012