Courtney Whitfield

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Courtney Whitfield

“On September 4, 2013, pushing 210lbs, I arrived at The Bootcamp Effect scared, oh man was I scared, and very, very nervous! However, I was certainly ready to make a change. I had my consultation with Josh about 15 minutes before my first workout after hearing from a friend about a Biggest Winner challenge and I hoped it might be exactly the ass kicking I needed to get my weight under control. Josh and I chatted about my short term and long term goals and I was just so impressed with him and his genuine caring demeanor, he made me feel so incredibly comfortable! I remember specifically telling Josh that I wanted to loose weight because I was ready to consider myself an athlete again. To me their was this massive change that I went through after high school where I went from athlete to “athletic” and I absolutely hated the way I truly did “let myself go.” I was dying to be an athlete again as well as see that athlete looking back at me in the mirror. I was ready to feel what that feeling was again! The Bootcamp Effect has totally made that happen for me by continually pushing me, and pushing me above an beyond what I could have ever imagined I could do! All the trainers know exactly what you are able to do individually and will never steer you wrong! If you need a modification because you are not quite at the advanced exercise – yet – it is no problem, and the trainers always have positive suggestions to help you build to those exercises. The past ten months have been the most rewarding of my whole life! Not only have I lost 32 pounds and over 45 inches (with close to 15 inches alone coming from my stomach) and who knows how much fat! (lots, just LOTS of fat!) my confidence is through the roof and doesn’t even compare to the way I used to feel about myself! I have muscles in places I didn’t even know existed and I am a much happier person to be around. When you feel stuck with yourself its a lonely place to be, so my advise to anyone feeling unsure about if BE is right for them would be to take a chance on yourself! Jump in with both feet!! It is absolutely AMAZING the results you will get from Josh and his team from just showing up, and continuing to show up. In the past 10 months their have been many people who have watched me show up and encouraged me to show up and put the time in and to them I am forever grateful. To my AMAZING trainers Laurie (I could write an entire book about how much I LOVE Laurie, I owe her so much for everything she has done for me these past ten months) Jen, Karen and Josh and my many special friends who I have grown to know from the 8:30am class, thank you so much for your support and encouragement! Each and every one of you always saw the changes in me before I saw them in myself, and celebrated with me in those changes before I even could! Your encouragement has been SO motivating! I am very overwhelmed and extremely honoured to be called a BE All-star and am looking forward to continuing on this journey with BE as I still have many goals I WILL accomplish. I am looking forward to challenging myself at BE for many, many years to come and I am very excited to see the changes in my mom and friends who I have inspired to join BE with my constant talk about how wonderful it really is. Forever grateful.”

June 2014