Adriana Ramirez

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Adriana Ramirez

“To me this lifestyle is not about losing weight but about feeling good with who I am. I don’t know my weight and I don’t care about it. It is just a number that does not define who I am. So many years ago, my life revolved around counting calories, measuring portions and weighing myself every week, until I realized that I had become a slave of meaningless numbers. I changed my diet to a plant based diet and made exercise part of my life. I do exercise because I want to be fit, I want to feel strong and I want to run faster (I am a long distance runner). If I feel good and I like what I see in the mirror, then I am where I am supposed to be. I have found in BE a place that gives me the workouts that I need to be that strong, fit woman that I want to be. I have been coming here for 5 years in a row, non-stop, ever, and I have not gotten tired of it. I love coming here! Every first week of the month I am completely sore, as if I had never exercised before, and this makes me happy and keeps me challenged. Since I joined bootcamp I have checked some fitness bucket list things: push ups, pull ups, toes to bar, rig rows, hand stand push ups, etc. All of those exercises were not even part of my wildest dreams 5 years ago, and I have been able to check them off, one at a time. BEFIT is more than a place to work out, it is a family. I love seeing my time slot people, I love seeing the trainers, I love the variety, and I love Alicia. Ask Alicia for the sexy jumping jacks. It is the best warm up ever!”

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April 2018