Aaron Leslie

All Stars Of The Month At BEFIT

BEFIT selects one individual each month as the BEFIT All Star. These individuals have shown great improvement in their health and fitness and embody what our gym and community is all about!

Aaron Leslie

“I joined Befit about six years ago because I wanted a strength based program without the anxiety I felt going into a gym alone. I was fine in a class because I just followed along but aerobics was not what I wanted and bootcamp did not do it for me either. At Befit I get the benefit of personal training in a group setting, the coaches are all great and the choice of workout times is better than I have seen anywhere. Josh always goes above and beyond to help everyone reach their goals and get what they need. I know I never would have got through the lockdown last year without his generosity and hard work, for sure.
The daily workouts he sent on the coaching app were customized for the equipment he lent me (what other coach would sign all their equipment out of their gym?! Wow!)

Those workouts everyday were a lifesaver for my mental, emotional, and physical well being during a tough time in isolation while working a very stressful job from home and really missing my family. I also realized the benefit of shorter workouts 6 days a week instead of the 3 days I was doing before the pandemic and I have continued with that and the results are tangible. Josh is right—consistency is key!”

September 2021