Redefining Langley Fitness – The Hierarchy of Fitness

langley bootcamp, gym, fitness, hierarchy of fitness

Even though we do bootcamps, group fitness or whatever you want to call our sessions at BEFIT, we can’t fall short on delivering an amazing personal training experience.

Yes, that’s right. Some gyms and fitness clubs may say it, but at BEFIT, WE WALK IT. Group Personal Training with an average of 20-30 individuals per session with slight variations in programming to accommodate your weight loss and fitness goals.

We put an amazing amount of thought into the workouts that we put you through each month so that each level, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you can get a daily workout that is of appropriate intensity and difficulty (and if you need a few tweaks, that is where our amazing staff of personal trainers comes into play).

So this is where we start….

The average person has a:

  • Weak core
  • Weak mid back
  • Lack of shoulder extension/flexion
  • Lack of hamstring mobility/lives in ant. tilt (tight hip flexors)
  • Lack of calf mobility

That’s quite the list! But that’s ok, we’re all on the same curve just a little less or farther down it.

Because severe compromises in mobility will prevent you from achieving longevity and greatness with fitness. We attempt to blend a little bit of what you want and a lot of what you need for a fun total body workout while focusing on a specific region of the body each day.

Being world class is consistently hitting the fundamentals with patience, consistency, and determination. This is the biggest factor to your success. (So the key for us is making the workouts and the environment FUN while hammering you with consistency!!!)

Let’s dig into it a little deeper…

Enter The Hierarchy of The BEFIT Effect (Or Fitness):

langley bootcamp, gym, fitness, hierarchy of fitness

With any hierarchy, we need to start at the bottom and build up! You can not build a high peak without a solid foundation! And as such, we must prioritize the bottom of the pyramid at all times. Any crack at any level, and it could come “crashing down”, limiting and/or reducing the levels above and your overall fitness.

Here is The Hierarchy of Fitness summarized:

Mindset – Most people mentally shut down long before they physically shut down.

Nutrition – Creating a molecular foundation with the food you eat.

Mobility – Moving well through a full range of motion is the foundation of all movement.

Core – Required in every exercise. If you can plank well you can begin to do everything else well.

Metabolic Conditioning – Interval training and cardiovascular sufficiency enables you to work longer and harder.

Bodyweight Training – Includes all exercises where you control your bodyweight or a portion of your bodyweight.

Weight Training – External object control with weights.

Power – Showcases ultimate mastery and application of fitness typically associated with challenges or sport.

When examining the hierarchy, power should then be applied with exercises that the client is competent in…

As such, a fundamental could use the mb slam in power development, the fitness level could use rowing on the concept 2 rower, and befit could apply a kb swing. All 3 movements are total body with an object or weight in hand, utilize the hip hinge, are hamstring dominant, and develop power.

Along this line of thinking is how we can program for multiple levels in the same setting giving everyone a similar workout experience appropriate for their needs, ability, and injury risk management/tolerance.

Let’s Look at It From The Bottom Up!

We have to get our mindset strong and not expect change immediately when we take on new challenges. As people, we tend to underestimate what we can achieve in a year and overestimate what we can achieve in a month. If we have weak spots or imbalances, those will have to be addressed first before we would want to proceed with certain movements. When things get tough in our workouts, we go till the clock beeps, give our honest best, pace ourselves when we need to, and finish strong. We know our body can go much longer than our mind and we will do our best to close that gap.

This is Mindset. And fortifying your mindset fortifies the Hierarchy of Fitness. All results are built on the shoulders of YOUR strong mindset! Be aware of your actions and analyze to see if your mindset is holding you back.

And is mindset ever more prevalent than with nutrition? It takes years of consistent good nutrition and training to get abs. It takes prioritization and not giving in to temptation, and the stressors of life.

Mindset blends into mobility as well. Does anyone really want to work on mobility? But it is a must! A prerequisite!!!… Everyday we should be doing at least 5 minutes of movement outside of our workouts to improve our mobility. Full range of motion is beautiful range of motion! It is natural! The way humans are supposed to move! Unlock your potential with a strong mindset and consistent and persistent mobility work.

At BEFIT, we insist on the basics, with a logical flow from the intangible (mindset) to cellular foundations of the body (nutrition), through proper movement and range of motion (mobility and core), so that you can work harder and longer whether it be low intensity aerobic or high intensity anaerobic or anywhere in between (metabolic conditioning), even as it applies to body control (bodyweight training), or external object control (weight training), and ultimately, mastery and application of all movement as expressed with power. (power is work (force x distance) divided by time).

As always, every journey BEGINS with 1 step. And every level up the hierarchy of fitness BEGINS with 1 step.

every journey begins with 1 step

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
Voted Langley’s best gym and fitness club for the past 5 years