Re-Focused – Re-Energized – Re-Educated – The Evolution of Fitness in Langley


A lot of us need a recharge from time to time… Mine happens to be going to conferences and certifications and learning… Sometimes they happen to be in cool places like Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which gives me a micro vacation over the weekend which is always nice!!! I want to absorb training principles throughout the world…2 months ago I did the crossfit certification. Now, I had been holding off doing this certification for about a year. Crossfit is a great concept, but I have a hard time justifying doing the certification since I most likely would never affiliate the gym into a Crossfit gym. Regardless, I registered in the hopes that I could pick up a few tidbits that could enhance our training methods at the gym and correlate to better results for you – which is the most important reason that I go to these kind of things!!!

What was great about the certification is that it really hammered home the fundamentals that seem to get lost in the razzle dazzle of sexy exercises and who can do what the fastest. In my opinion, it re-established The Bootcamp Effect’s training methods and mantra. To be uncommonly good at the common exercises, to squat ass to grass, to do pushups forever, and to ALWAYS KEEP THE CORE TIGHT (ie – flex the abs like someone is going to punch you in the stomach)! It was real nice to be reminded of these small points, the points that seem to be not stressed enough once the limbs and weights start flying.

It re-established the importance of the 2 workouts in our environment, because no matter how idealistic an idea may seem on paper, once it is put into practice, not everyone can do a set of pullups and deadlifts for time without the inclusion of nagging injury – It takes a lot of experience, focus, and strength for one.

Furthermore, a light went off in my head that finally made me believe that I can complete any exercise no matter what nagging injury ails me by focusing on tightening my core, squeezing my shoulder blades together, and driving my knees out.

These are the fundamentals. Almost every lower body exercise you will have to do this.

I repeat. You will have to do this on almost every exercise for the entirety of the exercise!

And you know what, this works. I feel the best I have felt in 5 years. (AS LONG AS I DON’T NEGLECT MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY WORK). Seriously if you are doing these bootcamp workouts please hang out a little before or after your session and work on your tight spots. I have an exercise in my back pocket for almost every aching injury and imbalance you have that will make you feel better, while we modify the exercise that is making it worse while consistently improve on your mobility.

And for the record #ILOVESTRICTPULLUPS

I just had to say it.

So what do you do to re energize??? Whether it be spending time with your loved ones or enjoying the simple pleasures of life, don’t forget to re energize.

And don’t forget how fitness can bring it all together. True wellness ultimately is a life of fitness.

If you haven’t caught the bug yet, please take some time to contact me or see you at our bootcamp for a cause tomorrow at 10am. All proceeds will be donated to the Langley Christmas bureau supporting families in need this holiday season.

Best wishes,
Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS, CPT, CF-1
The Bootcamp Effect