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We’re making some changes at the gym. A few weeks into our 2 workout format is proving to be a great success! With this, we will be having 2 trainers in all the busy timeslots so you can get the attention you deserve.
Speaking of trainers. I would like to thank Krystine for her 3 years of service with The Bootcamp Effect . She has decided it’s time to move on, we are sorry to see her go and I wish her all the best moving forward…
Keeping on the trainer side of things..You can also expect some new faces wearing the trainer hat.
Jenn Kirk, a former member and bootcamp all star with some amazing results will be stepping into the assitant trainer position on a more regular basis. I find that promoting people from within our bootcamp family, who become certified as a personal trainer is a great way to create a strong and healthy team with a congruent outlook aligned The Bootcamp Effect’s values.
In addition, Marc Lowenberger comes to us highly recommended and with experience training in our old training diggs at Newlands. If you see him be sure to say hi and introduce yourself to him as well as Jenn if you have not met her yet.
See I started this company with the idea that it could be that third place. That place where even if your life is crap at work or at home, this could be the place to cheer you up, make you feel better, and put you on point to reach your health and fitness goals.
I essentially founded bootcamp on the principles of APE.
A for Appreciation for you the member and you taking the time in your schedule tofocus on your health and fitness with us! That is why we will know all your names (and last names!?)
P for Passion and Purpose for the health and fitness industry and with making real change in people’s lives with finding a love for fitness, and getting measurable results! Working in the fitness industry is my life and I would not want to do anything else!
E for Enthusiasm and Energy cause this ain’t like no other place. Energy is contagious and our trainers can be heard from the 204 overpass!!!! As told to me by one of our members walking their dog on it. I hope we give you that feeling everytime you step through our doors. We hope that helps you in the last 10 secs of a set.
I started back in Jan 2010. I didn’t own a car. I had no people in my first week. I grossed just $350 in the first month. I sprained my ankle so bad I was in a cast for 2 months in February of that year…. It really didn’t seem like it was going to work for me. But with a goal, a plan, and some insane persistance, it has grown and evolved and I am always keeping it on the cusp of what is the best for your health and fitness. With this, change inevitably will occur and I hope you can ride it out with me, because if you are not changing you are not growing.
I am reminded of this quote… Methods are many…Principles are few. Methods always change… Principles never do.
I Am The Bootcamp Effect. Are you?
In happiness and health,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

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