Oakleys on Thursday @ Bootcamp Effect in July

Hey all,

Thursday’s Part A workout structure is an EMOM. EMOM is short for Every Minute On the Minute. Which honestly doesn’t make any sense… But if it did make some sense, it would mean that the clock will beep every minute at the end of the minute. So you have 1 minute to complete the exercise. Wait for the beep then either do the exercise again or move to the next exercise.

Fundamentals and Fitness have 7 exercises and 3 rounds of each exercise.

*** Stay on one exercise for 3 rounds then rotate.***
Exercises will take you between 30 and 50 secs to complete so be ready to start on the beep and be aware of your next exercise after 3 rounds! There is no transition minute in this workout. Anyone that needs a little more help with technique and getting to your next exercise should start on russian step ups with kickback as the 1 of the bootcamp coaches will take you through the workout.

Befit – standard EMOM – switch exercises each minute.
Take your time on the deadlifts. Get tight before the exercise and try to control the weight down. Go a little lighter in weight than your normally would for 5 reps so that you can control the weight down @3 seconds down. I cannot stress the importance of keeping your core engaged when lowering the weight.

Fundamentals New exercise*** 10 kb deadlift to goblet squat @ slow
Here’s an exercise demo:

On your squat however, keep your knees out and get as low as you can while moving slow. And as always on this exercise, as well as any other exercise, choose a weight that is challenging for the desired rep scheme.

Finisher Time:
It’s a gut check finisher… 3 minutes off effort. Rest 2 minutes. And repeat.

  • It starts off with a hip extension hold for 30 or 60 secs. (Keep your glutes squeezed – drop your hips if you feel anything in your back).
  • Then 20 elevated or mb elevated situps (will take you about 30 secs)
  • Then Max reps of either step ups for fundamentals, walking lunges for fitness, or OH plate lunges for befit. On this part of the finisher, don’t conserve energy. Go for it. Don’t stop to rest. You’ll have about 60-90 secs of all out effort and the rest afterwards to recover. Fundamentals are welcome to use the 12″ boxes outside the front door for your step-ups. Walking lunges are recommended outside the back door. Befit – keep your arms locked out on your lunges!

SnoRidge CrossFit_OH Lunge

See you in the gym!
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect