No Quit

no quit, never quit

The root of any goal, the number 1 thing that is the factor of whether you succeed or you don’t succeed is Do you ever quit? Do you stay consistent with what you set out to do?

People say that success is difficult to achieve, it’s hard and I don’t deny that it’s hard, it’s definitely not easy, but it’s simple, and the truth is, if you never really stop, if you never give up, if are constantly investing in yourself, my question is…

Is there a way you won’t ever succeed?


If the why is not big enough. If your why is not big enough, you are never going to achieve what you want to achieve.

I want to lose 20lbs…

Why do you want to do that? If you cant find the why behind that. How do you hope to achieve this when things are tough? Most people just want to do things that are convenient. But, when you make a commitment to results. You do it whenever. You do it through the obstacles, you do it through the challenges. Through the hard times. When it becomes tough and it will become tough, because it’s like the weather. There will be storms, there will be rain, there will be sunshine. Know this, expect this. There will be easy times, there will be hard times.

So, act as if. Act like it. Act like you are going to achieve it.

Not fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.

If everyday you were given $86,400 and each night it was taken away. How would you spend this? How amazing would that be!? You have this everyday! You have these 86 400 seconds. Why do we take these seconds and waste them? We worry too much, and don’t spend those seconds everyday.

Live in the present and spend those seconds. How you spend those seconds is how you spend your life how you spend your seconds is how your life becomes amazing.

Remember at the end it always starts with you.


When you start pointing fingers. When you start making excuses, blaming someone else. It takes away your power.

When you realize that everything starts and ends with you, that power is given back to you.

That power is there. Even with things you can’t control. You can’t control them anyways but you have the power to respond. You have the power to act.

You fall today, choose to get up again. You want to change, choose to change, will it be easy no, but you have the power to do it.

You hear team work makes the dream work.

Who’s your team, who’s the people you surround yourself with? Your environment is everything. Everything you see. And no one can do it by themselves. Who’s gonna be that person who inspires you, the people who are about more, the possibility, the achievement?

Because when you are around that so much you start becoming it.

You start seeing it. You start believing in yourself.

Suspend disbelief, because when you don’t believe it, you don’t think about the possibilities, you think about the things you can’t do, rather than creating a plan for the things you can do.

Now write it down.

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