Josh Saunders Nov 03, 2009 Lifestyle  

Don’t be a cliche in the year 2010.  Don’t be the one who says that their New Years Resolution is to get in shape, only to give up after a few weeks.  That’s crazy and that’s exactly what those big box gyms want!!!!!newyearsball

I want you to BE A PERSON OF ACTION and keep these promises to yourself, cause that’s what they are, promises to you, not your spouse, not your friends, to you…  So don’t let yourself down, stay the course and achieve your fitness goal.

So choose your gym/trainer carefully, look for trainers that are willing to guide you and offer you that lil’ extra that will catapult you to become a FAT BURNING MACHINE.  Look for gyms you wont mind going to day in day out.   Like crowds?  Want to meet new people and make new friends? The Bootcamp Effect members stick together as they tough out workout after workout. Grab a nice healthy meal with a friend after a hard boot camp, or chat with me about your positive lifestyle changes and grab a few new fitness tips.  I am there to be your personal fitness lifestyle coach and I want you to SUCCEED and blast off to the world 12 months from now on my website about how YOU LOST 50LBS because you had the commitment to the promise you made to yourself and you saw it through (and got by with a little help from your friends).  Here’s to your fat loss goals and your solution!

Your friend,

Josh Saunders

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