New Bootcamp – Are you avoiding the challenge?

Published October 2, 2012.

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing great and loving the new gym!!!! I absolutely love our new space and find myself just wanting to be in there all the time! We really have taken the term bootcamp to the next level.

It’s a nice change for me because in the old gym, I kind of wanted to get out of there as soon as we finished a workout.

See for about the last 6 months, I wanted to move the bootcamp because it was too cramped and I could not do all the fun things I had in mind to make your fitness journey more memorable (we had only been in there for 13 months). I kind of felt held back in a sense and so I held back on making the interior a super personal, unique environment that you all could love because I always knew we would be moving in the near future! It gets me thinking…If we can get voted the best in health and fitness in Langley in that “small gym”, I look forward to what we can achieve here.

Because now you can get super pumped with great art like this at our gym.

Or maybe you can get pumped by the double sided whiteboard – so that you don’t have to run across the gym to see your next exercise, or maybe it’s the 2 bathrooms, the artificial turf, the rope climb, the members locker room, the double sided rig, the bright lighting, the strength yard, the really tall mirrors, the wall balls, the med ball slams – or just the fact that there is a lot of room to stretch your legs…

This plus all the other stuff you have come to love and expect from us. I tell you, it’s an amazing thing for me to hear all the nice comments from you guys, and even the sad comments about leaving the old gym, because afterall, that was the place that made us who we are today.

Have I told you we had a great group of people helping put it together.

Karen, JRob, Joel, GDon, Rene, Shane, Emma, CMac, Dave 4.0, Kurt, Matty C, and Bobby Saunders – thanks for your huge help with the new gym over the weekend, it would not have been possible without you!

Here’s our flooring team in action right here – they moved so fast I couldn’t even capture them!

(they’re kinda like a bunch of griffins)…

Um you may have to google that reference.

And Karen you were amazing – thanks for logging the most hours with the move from doing the heavy lifting with Joel on Friday to making all the hard flooring cuts with Shane on Saturday, to making the place presentable with me at 1am on Sunday…

I’m loving the energy in the space these days and I hope you are taking advantage of the friendly competition that is The October Olympics.

So My question to you is… do you challenge yourself?

Do you take action on the things that make you uncomfortable but you know will make you grow?

(Like The October Olympics and The Bootcamp Decathlon)…

But not just that… it can be instilling daily habits, it can be separating yourself from negative people that pull you down. It can come in many,from so many forms and actions!

Because to grow and progress we have to get uncomfortable, its where the “magic” happens.

And yes, it can be from small every day things to bigger challenges – in fact, it’s kind of like that drawing on our wall…


The Bootcamp Effect just evolved.

You Will To.

If you want to look different and feel better, then change something!
Create better habits in your nutrition, buy good groceries that are only whole foods, challenge yourself with 1 cheat meal per week, and challenge that younger person at Rene, JRob, Cristian, or Francine and beat them!

It is the consistency of good desicions over time.
It is surrounding yourself with accountability and supportive people that want to see you succeed.

Take action, get uncomfortable!

And don’t try to please everyone it’ll just leave you miserable and stress out!

I’ll leave you with a few tips from my fellow gym owner/entrepreneur pal in Seattle who gave me the idea for our upcoming charity bootcamps…

– Even though there is more food around us we are eating less good healthy foods.
– Uncooked food generally burns more calories (ie Raw Broccoli vs.Cooked Broccoli)
– Average piece of food travels 1500 miles to reach your plate – do you think that is natural!!!!!? Nope.
– Every time we eat is a chance to heal or harm – “How we eat is how we live” & How we live is how we eat”
– A mans waistline is the single biggest indicator of testosterone. (Or lack of Testosterone)
– Every cell in your body & brain needs fat (good fat like coconut oil, almonds, animal fat)
– Coconut Oil supports Gut Healing (important if you have been struggling losing weight)
– Butter best source of Vitamin D. It’s the secret to a well lubed Brain & Body

You can start by doing something on the list and get the right fatty acids that you may not be taking enough of: Omega 3’s ( I have mine on my side table, so that everytime I sit down), I have some.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect
Canada’s Leader in Bootcamps and Group Personal Training.

From our new bootcamp located at:
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