Never Miss A Challenge…

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The last few months can probably be summed up by one word: Challenge

Now that we are back in the gym, I wanted to take this time to reinforce the message that I have been repeating as of late.

That message is that we can only focus on what we can control right now.

control the controllable

I wrote a few months back that to my understanding, there’s an opportunity in each crisis to learn.

So what has this crisis taught you so far?

I think that this crisis has taught me to
Never Miss a Challenge

(A challenge is most often an intimidating opportunity to step up your game and level up in whatever domain you wish to pursue).

See, each crisis in our lives brings about a golden opportunity to bring about our best self.

How have you improved these past few months?

  • Are you more disciplined with your decision making or just fold at the first hint of adverstity?
  • Is your day organized and structure or just random chaos?
  • Do you take care of yourself with nourishing food or with whatever is most convenient?
  • Have you risen to the challenge or become temporarily defeated?

I hope you fall in the former and not the latter of the above, but if not, perhaps this is the awareness you need to bring about a positive change.


If you didn’t know, our team of coaches and 46 members embarked on a 12 week weight loss challenge from March 21-June 13 (the gym was closed for most of this time).

Yes, that’s during a time where whispers of a quarantine 15 were being mentioned… But our teams were ready to take on this challenge with online personal training and old school bootcamp workouts at the park observing social distancing and on zoom.

So let’s lay it out.
4 teams. 4 coaches. 46 members.

  • Total weight lost: 463.8lbs
  • Average weight lost: 10.5lbs/person
  • Individuals who lost over 10% of their initial bodyweight: 9 (25% of participants while the gym was closed)

As with previous Biggest Winner challenges, the male and female that lost the biggest % of their initial weight were awarded the title of the Biggest Winner and earned a monetary reward for their efforts.

And in our 16th Biggest Winner, I am pleased to announce that our Biggest Winners are Natalie and David!
langley weight loss

Here’s a few words from Natalie:
“I joined Befit in January 2020 after seeing the amazing results my friend Lesley achieved taking part in The Biggest Winner. I was 57, unfit and overweight. I lived in big baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants, never looking at myself in a mirror as it made me feel depressed. After talking to Lesley, I looked at the website dozens of times and eventually signed up for the 2 week trial, but upon arriving that first day, decided to sign up for membership before I could change my mind! I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning as I didn’t even know how to warm up but everyone was so supportive! When the Biggest Winner was posted I signed up. The metabolic reset made me totally change the way I was eating. I used to have lots of processed food plus take out at least 3 times a week. I kept following the reset the whole 12 weeks. With the fantastic support of Joe, our coach, I lost 17% of my body weight. When the gym closed during the challenge, I started working out with the True Coach App 5 to 6 times a week at home, I feel better than I have in years. If I don’t work out, I feel something is missing in my day! Joining Befit was the best thing I have ever done for me! I love that classes are scheduled all day, not a set class at a set time and especially the variety of the workouts so that everyone can work at their own level. Enormous thanks to Josh, Joe and Irvin for all their help and support, it made all the difference!”

weight loss langley

Here’s a few words from Dave:
“I joined befit Jan 2019 originally to help my dad get into shape but what I didn’t know was that I was not in good shape either! During this quarantine I made it a priority to work on my nutrition and cardio as I didn’t have the weight and equipment needed. I was able to focus on the things I neglected over the years. With a good nutrition plan and 30 min on the bike every day and a lot of time under tension (with low weights) I was able to lose weight I didn’t know I had! Befit has been great growth for me, all over. Don’t give up and I’ll see you at BEFIT. ”

And here’s a few more amazing 12 week before and after efforts:

weight loss clinic

langley before and after

biggest winner before and after

biggest winner before after

jim before and after

Now let’s get to our team stats:

Joe’s team – “The Isolators”
12 individuals – Natalie, Marie, AJ, Corinne, Keith, Rene, Josee, Samantha, Hannah, Suzanne, Maryanne, Jodvir
159.1 lbs/lost
7.5% weight loss of initial bodyweight in 12 weeks/person
(You’ll see these guys sporting their Isolators team shirt in the coming weeks…)

Patrick’s team – “Blue team”
12 individuals
124.9 lbs/lost
6.8% weight loss of initial bodyweight in 12 weeks/person

Chantal’s team – “Super Hero Strength”
13 individuals
98.6 lbs/lost
4.8% weight loss of initial bodyweight in 12 weeks/person

Irvin’s team – “The Real Slim Shadies”
9 individuals
81.2 lbs/lost
4.3% weight loss of initial bodyweight in 12 weeks/person

You may have noticed we have a few uneven teams… some people had to drop out unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances brought upon by world events.

I wanted to thank our amazing team of personal trainers as well as the participating members for stepping up these past 12 weeks and Never Missing A Challenge! The Biggest Winner will be back once again in the fall for it’s 17th edition…

Ready for the next challenge…
Josh Saunders

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