Muscle is Important for Women…Period.

Most women have aspirations of achieving that beautiful toned body that can be seen on many actresses and pictures in magazines.

But did you know, that most women will never achieve this goal because most will unfortunately stray from anything that builds muscle for fear of looking bulky!

You do not need to worry ever about gaining too much muscle because…

  1. Muscle is sexy – Check out those quads on the left!!!
  2. Women have 20x’s less Testosterone than men, which is the predominant muscle builder in the body.
  3. You won’t eat enough. You need to be eating a lot of calories every day to put on any amount of size. It’s every skinny teenage boy’s dream to put on muscle mass and you won’t eat more than them, nor will you build more muscle than them. Which leads me to my last point…
  4. The female body is not built to be like a mans (obvious statement of the day). Even if it was your goal to be the next female bodybuilding sensation, you would never achieve it without the assistance of hormone supplementation, such as steroids.

Building lean muscle is your key to MAINTAINING that trim and slim feminine body, and having you look the best you have EVER LOOKED! Muscle is highly metabolic and adding 1 pound of muscle burns around 50 calories more per day at rest. (Fat burns 9 calories per pound). When you put muscle on your body, and contain more lean tissue, you will burn extra calories (even when you sleep). What could be better than that?

You heard it here, resistance training (muscle building exercises) is MORE IMPORTANT THAN CARDIO!

You need to do what will give you the largest metabolic bang for you buck. Here’s your time guideline:

  • If you have 30 minutes to exercise, do resistance training only (but don’t forget the warmup).
  • If you have 45 minutes, throw in some short high intensity intervals, like running for 30 seconds, rest for 1 minute, repeat…
  • If you have 60 minutes or more, now you can add cardio (10 minutes warmup of light cardio or dynamic exercises, 40 minutes of resistance training, 10-30 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes of stretching, and in that order).

Follow these guidelines, this is your bible to that sexy hollywood bod.

Any questions email me here.