Motivation what keeps you going?

Hey guys, Josh here, and today, I’ve got a post from one of our bootcamp trainers, Kurt Baker.

Take it away Kurt…

At The Bootcamp Effect, motivation plays a key role in whether you achieve your goals or not. Whether it’s those special words from your trainer, that song that get’s you fired up or the competition of the group atmosphere… What makes you go that extra mile, finish those last 2 reps or hold the plank for that much longer? For me , I find working out with my little brother brings out the best in me. We get pretty competitive and both push each other to lift more weight, run faster and finish those extra sets. When I workout on my own I like to blast the ipod and tune out into my own little world. What work’s for you? What doesn’t work? Let us know so we can help you reach your full-potential!

Kurt Baker is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. His athletic background in Football, Lacrosse, Hockey and bodybuilding has inspired many of his philosophies on fitness as well as given him a wide range of knowledge on health, wellness and the body. Kurt is here to provide a high-energy, fun filled atmosphere for you as well as demonstrating proper exercise techniques, giving knowledge and insight and pushing you to reach your full potential.