Motivation U

Originally published May 27th, 2014.


Lesson 1.

Don’t look for motivation externally. Quotes are sexy, they fire you up for a minute, and then you’re waiting for the next hit. That’s external motivation for you, it will not last or fire you up long enough to for you to achieve your goal when times get tough and you don’t feel like doing what you know you need to do.

You have to find the deep reasons for doing stuff. Go 7 layers or 7 whys deep. Because when you know your why, you will find a how. Create that internal fire that is strong enough to get you through the negativity, other peoples bs, and setbacks in life.

Sustained motivation has to come from within. I can throw motivation at you daily, but you have to create it internally for it to last.

Be ready to make changes. How many corners are you going to turn to succeed?

Maybe one change is the people you spend your time with… If you want to have a lean, toned stomach, you can’t be hanging out with people who don’t have a healthy lifestyle.

Are your behaviours matching your goals?


When you’re having a tough time, it’s easy to quit. Do you quit?

Realize why you are doing this. WHY WHY WHY? Now connect this feeling to whether you’re doing this for your family or because you don’t want to feel more attractive to your spouse or you want to be wanted…

Connect to the feeling of what you want to achieve by being more toned or losing 20lbs or…

Cause those times when you don’t feel like getting up to workout or are considering the less healthy option… You’ll need that then. You’ll need that deep reason why.

This is number 1. Get yourself motivated from within.

Lesson 2.

Don’t take on too much.

If you try to start more than 1 habit at a time this is your success rate:

  • 1 habit change – 87% success rate
  • 2 habit changes – 30% success rate
  • 3 habit changes – 7% success rate

Just change 1 thing at a time. It has been proven already that multiple changes will not work.

The BEFIT. workouts and community will help you fall in love with fitness. We’ll do our best to help make fitness an enjoyable and rewarding habit.

After you get that down. Work on your next habit.

Lesson 3.

So you have a goal?

Write it down as such: I will achieve my goal if…

And list all the actions and behaviours you will do to ensure your goal is achieved.

For example…

I will get a 6 pack if I workout 6 days a week, routinely attempt to lift heavier weight, limit alcohol to 2 drinks per week, don’t eat any deep fried food, eat lots of lean protein at every meal, and eat a 5:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit.

This is how you change your life. Map it out. You know what has to be done so write out YOUR PLAN. Clarity proceeds transformation. Awareness brings about change. You just gave yourself the clarity to change. Now adopt 1 habit at a time and make it happen.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
Lifestyle. Strength. Performance