Mondays in July 2016

Mondays in July at Bootcamp Effect are a circuit style workout for Fundamentals and Fitness with a 40 on 20 off work/rest ratio.

This is a great ratio for fat loss especially if exercises are using complementary muscle groups. This way, you can keep up your intensity throughout the first part of the workout.

New exercise**** Seated Band abduction
This exercise was chosen over clams as we can get both sides done in 40 secs instead of switching sides, and in the context of this workout, we needed an exercise like this! To get the most from this exercise, lean back while keeping your core engaged and chest up. You will feel it more. And I know you love to feel your butt working!


With regards to the trx alt. jump lunge for the fitness level, really try to crank up the intensity as it is flanked by 2 relatively static exercises. Focus on jumping as high as you can on each rep. You’ll have enough time to catch your breath here as you have 1 leg hip extension holds next.

Befit component – 15 mins
You’ll have a hamstring dominant exercise prior to your 3 rep front squat. I wanted to pre-fatigue the hamstrings before the big lift so that you have a better mind body connection with the back of your legs and can really drive out of the bottom in your squat. Focus on controlling the weight down and moving out of the bottom smoothly like a machine would. As always in these big lifts, you need to be tight from head to toe.

When thinking about being tight during the lift, I like the analogy of entering a tunnel. Before you grab the bar, get tight from head to toe, pick up the bar take one step back and go! Then when you rack the bar, you leave the tunnel…

All concentration. No music heard. Just the sound of breathing and focus.

After each front squat set, you’ll have 1 tgu or (turkish get up)/side. Work on packing the shoulder from the beginning of the move through the end, and see how much you can work up to.

Monday Finisher – all levels 15 mins of continuous effort.

In the finisher, keep your breathing controlled, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Work on full range and calm form as opposed to erratic movements. The goal is to be exercising for 15 continuous minutes. No matter how fatigued you feel, keep your body tight and keep going. Your mind will give up much before your body will. Each week see how far you can progress.

***As always with any squat or mb slam, keeping the core drawn in at all times is paramount to staying injury free and increasing performance!***

I’m looking forward to you seeing the surprise in this finisher as it is more mentally challenging than what you have come to expect from our typical finishers. Having said that, it’s nothing you aren’t capable of handling and seeing how much you can push your mental limit each week.

As always, how bad do you want it?

Happy Maui Monday!
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect
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