Monday – Edison Part II – November 2018 (REMEMBRANCE)

monday workout, befit workout

Part A objective is to lift as heavy as you can in A2. This decreases by 1 rep each round. If you can add 5lbs, then do it! Intensity equals weight equals results!!!

BEFIT does not have the plank so that they can get more rest each round and come back ready to squat more.

Check out the trainers executing the 8 kb deadlift to goblet squat here.
Note, they went light here for the demo.. You want to push the weight on this one.

The finisher is designed to be done as fast as you can with great form.

With fundamentals, you essentially have a “medicine ball buddy” that will accompany you for the finisher.
With fitness I would try to go seamless from the 8 goblet squats to the 8 kb swing, put the kb down then right into your burp to frogs, and then go slower on your tuckups, try to catch your breath/lower your heart rate and come back hard on the squats again.
With befit, try to go unbroken from the power cleans (recommend touch and go), right into the thrusters, to save yourself having to do an extra power clean. As with fitness, pace yourself on the abmat situps and try to lower your heart rate ready to come back at the power cleans with intensity.