Monday – Bah Thrusters – January 2019 (TIS THE SEASON OF FITNESS)

Coaching Notes:

Pre-workout mobility – wrist flexors, hamstrings

The warmup will consist of the movements in part A so you can get after it in your 5 rounds. Note that there is no rest from movement to movement, so start thinking about what weights you will want for your first set in the 3 movements.

Part A, BEFIT set up own bar or share with 1-2 others. If you can do unbroken with quality consider adding 5-10lbs per side each round to each lift.

We have primed you with an explosive CNS lift for part A. This will help you in your subsequent lift in part B.

When doing Part D (the EMOM Circuit), try to save as much energy for the finisher as possible. You will need it!

Build up your 3 thruster weight in part A, as you want it to be as much of a contrast between the 15 thrusters in the finisher as possible (making your weight in the finisher feel easier).

Don’t feel like you have to do RX for BEFIT for finisher. This would be the biggest mistake you can make. You have 4 weeks to do this workout. Build up weekly.

How to build up… If you can do the 3 rounds of thrusters or db thrusters or wall balls unbroken, consider a 5lb increase for next week. If you can’t go unbroken, you are not ready yet.

Fitness/BEFIT finisher, it’s okay if you have to break up the thrusters into sets of 5 if the weight is heavy. Quality over speed!