The BEFIT Mobility WOD Movement Assessment provides a systemic movement diagnostic aimed at highlighting major mobility and/or motor control deficiencies using the 7 body archetypes that represent stable positions for the hips and shoulders.

These positions are:

  • overhead
  • press
  • hang
  • front rack
  • squat
  • hinge
  • pistol
  • lunge

The above positions encompass what is considered complete range of motion for the human body and using active, passive, and motor control tests, we will identify the biggest holes in your mobility and motor control and give you simple to do mobility exercises that you can do daily or before your workouts.

It’s like giving you a precise roadmap to getting your body performing better, pain free, and without restriction.

Why is this worth your time?

  • This could improve your running if we identify that your 1st Metatarsal is lacking the complete 90 degrees of extension, essentially making you do a sweep kick on every stride because you can’t put all the weight you need on your back foot.
  • This could improve your front squats, as we identify limitations in your external rotator cuff and/or lat length.
  • This could improve your endurance, as we identify a shallow breathing pattern and increase your tidal volume while you are stressed or under load.
  • This could improve the pain in your squat as we note you are lacking ankle range of motion, or hip flexion, and/or internal rotation.
  • This could get your bench press pain free as we identify a lack of extension and internal rotation at your shoulder joint.
  • This could improve your pullups as we identify a tight thoracic spine.
  • Or maybe you are someone who just wants to know your biggest weaknesses so that you can improve them and be the best that you can be…

We will identify your biggest weaknesses and give you the appropriate exercises to get better at it everyday.

Assessments can be scheduled at your convenience through BEFIT with a Certified Mobility WOD Coach and take approximately 1 hour.

(Assessments are highly recommend prior to any personal training package).

Cost: $100

Schedule your Movement and Mobility Assessment today by filling out this form: