Mission Possible: The Biggest Winner Season 10

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The Biggest Winner Season 10.

The mission should you have chosen to accept it: Lose 10% of your initial body weight in 12 weeks. With $500 each going to the individuals with the biggest % change.

Now that the challenge is over, it’s time to debrief..

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(These pictures will not self destruct…)

The winner for the ladies is:

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Denise lost 13.8% with 57 total workouts,  (4.75 sessions/week), 0.97 std.dev in attendance >>> shows she never came less than 3x/week!

Here’s a few words from Denise:

I kept seeing the Biggest Winner Challenge on Facebook and kept thinking I should do this.  Over the last few years I have slowly put on weight and had no motivation to do anything about it.  Finally I decided I’m going to do it.  I went to Bootcamp Effect, signed up for a 2 week trial, did a few days and then signed up for the challenge.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my health.

Over the years I have done weight loss programs before but I have never committed to an exercise program to help me lose weight.  Exercise before was going for walks. I was nervous at first doing a bootcamp because I was so out of shape but the trainers were so encouraging that feeling soon disappeared. They always make sure you are doing the exercises properly and adjust the exercises if needed.  With having three different fitness levels you work at your level.

The other part of this challenge was paying attention to what I was eating.  Before the challenge I had gotten into a habit of eating too many snacks.  I now think before I eat.  I still don’t eat perfect, but I eat way better than I did before.  Now I eat protein and veggies for every meal; eat healthy carbs, I don’t drink calories and I drink a lot of water.

I now feel better about myself and look forward to going to bootcamp.  I will continue going to the bootcamps to lose more weight and continue getting stronger.  I would like to thank the trainers and members at Bootcamp Effect for all their support and encouraging words. Doing the challenge was a huge accomplishment for me and showed me that if I commit and put my mind to it, I can do it.

And the winner for the men is:

fitness, bootcamp, langley, langley fitness, weight loss

Dave lost 15.4%, with 60 total workouts in 12 weeks, (5 sessions/week),  0.74 std.dev in attendance >>> this was 1 of the lowest standard deviations. (HINT).

Top 3 Common themes amongst these 2:     
1) VERY consistent with workout routine each week.
2) Were attending between 4-6 sessions/week.
3) Made improvements in their nutrition and EARNED AMAZING RESULTS!

Here are Group Stats for The Biggest Winner 10:

Total Participants: 58 (8 were either disqualified for missing a weigh in or had to remove themselves due to personal reasons)
Total weight lost: 580.1lbs
Average weight lost per participant: 10lbs
Average attendance per participant: 44 total sessions  (out of a possible 72 workouts in 12 weeks)
Average weekly attendance per participant: 3.7 sessions/week
Average standard deviation for attendance per participant: 1.4/sessions/week (the larger variance shows that this group has more people who have a larger change in how often they attend. For example if someone has a standard deviation of 1, this would entail they would only come 1 less or 1 more day per week than their average. An interesting stat to analyze because it turns out the lower this number is, the more consistent the participant was with how many days per week they came. It speaks to their consistenty and prioritizing their fitness workouts to make it in regularly week in and week out!

So, let’s talk about the positive… Because they say, the best way to achieve success is to mirror people who have had success… Here’s a blueprint for you to achieve great results in 12 weeks…

The following are stats for ALL PARTICIPANTS who lost at least 10% of their initial bodyweight:

Total individuals who lost 10%: 10 (17% of all participants!)
Average weight lost per participant: 23.8lbs
Total weight lost by these 10: 237.9lbs (41% of everyone’s weight loss)
Average attendance per participant: 51.4 total sessions (out of a possible 72)
Average attendance per participant: 4.3 sessions/week (0.6 sessions higher than the group average of 3.7!!!) That’s almost 1 more workout more than the average!!
Average std. dev. for attendance per participant: 1.1 (which is lower than the above 1.4)

Here’s a look at some more successful 12 week weight loss journeys:

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fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
fitness, bootcamp, weight loss, langley, langley bootcamp
1 last thing…

We weighed in some people before and after their final workout and the data was starting to look very consistent….

It turned out most people lost .2lbs after a workout….

Depending on how you see that, it could be encouraging or discouraging.

If you want to take the participants in this challenge, the average attendance was 44 workouts.

And if you take 44 workouts and multiply it by a factor of .2lbs, you will get 8.8lbs. (which is only 1.2lbs off the average from the challenge!) And I’m sure if we had a larger pool of data, that number would be even tighter.

My point with this, is the additional weight lost that we saw in this challenge can be accounted for by good nutrition and water loss! If you are not losing your possible .2lbs/workout, then it could be because of nutrition (or water retention – find out what’s holding you back!!!)
You are in control of your destiny with your fitness journey. You put in the work here. Reap the benefits of it with good nutrition.

Be Committed.
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect