Live Forever and Lose Fat With These 8 Facts About Water

dreamstimefree_1722011It’s vital to keep hydrated, we are all made of water, so keep it that way. After all, water is “the bringer of life.”

Check out these water based facts, so that you can perform your best at bootcamp, and get the results that you’ve been waiting for!

Fact #1 – Your brain=85% water, your blood=83% water, your muscles=75% water, Your bones=35% water. You get the picture. Let’s be logical about this, depriving yourself of water will dramatically affect your health.

Fact #2 – Water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue, so if you find yourself a little sluggish during that 2pm meeting – grab a glass and ENERGIZE! (More fuel for the machine that is you! But don’t grab that coffee – explained in fact #6

Fact #3 – 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated. And why is this bad? See below.

Fact #4 – Do not wait until your thirsty to drink as your body is now indicating to you that you are in the process of dehydration. Even if your body is in a mild state of dehydration, it slows your metabolism by 3% (and you know how big I am on keeping that metabolism as high as possible with my three pronged high intensity formula.


Fact #5 – Drink 8-12 cups per day (2-3 litres). If you’re exercising you should be drinking around 200ml every 15 minutes (hint: 1 can of beer = 355ml) as water affects your performance more than any other nutrient.

Fact #6 – Minimize your consumption of tea, coffee, and alcohol. These drinks may be primarily composed of water, but they also contain diuretics, which cause the body to lose more water than it absorbs. However, it will have less of this affect on individuals who consume these regularly.

Fact #7 – Keep a bottle of water handy with you – at work, at bootcamp, at home… Use a stainless steel container or some other reusable container as reusing those plastic water bottle containers may subject you to leached carcinogens – I used to drink out of these all the time until I learned about this…

Fact #8 – Start your day off with 1 glass of water every morning, if your exercising that morning, you will start exercise in a hydrated state, and give a better effort towards attaining your goals.