Langley Women’s Weight Loss Infographic

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Weight loss is most women’s goal when attending a Langley gym or fitness centre. And although there are many effective weight loss and personal training platforms, it is the nutritional component where most fall short.

So I put together an infographic for you with some nutritional recommendations specifically targeted for females looking to lose weight. (After all, it is a little harder for women to lose weight due to lower lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, and achieving a hormonal balance).

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In summary,

  • Set a realistic goal of 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week
  • This can be achieved via a slight deficit in calories (by not eating processed carbs and sugar) and a slight increase in calories burned (consistent exercise 4-6 days/week)
  • Make sure you get the macronutrients your body needs like healthy protein and fats
  • Incorporate foods that get you the micronutrients your body needs like iron (especially important for women as many have low iron).
  • Many individuals don’t absorb the food they eat very efficiently. If you have low levels of stomach acid, you will not be absorbing the nutrients your body requires from food or even supplements. YOU AREN’T WHAT YOU EAT. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB! You don’t absorb the vitamins and minerals your body needs from food you will always be running up hill
  • Dropping your calories too low will help you lose weight quicker in the short term, but this will leave it harder for you to lose more weight long term as it could have adverse effects on your metabolism
  • Your body has a built in survival mechanism and it wants to stay the same, so by making smaller changes and losing weight slower, it will be perceived as less of a threat to your body and when you reach a plateau there will always be something to adjust with your exercise or nutrition
  • This also serves you well as your confidence and competence with your nutrition and exercise will increase over time and you will be capable of doing things you never thought possible when you started
  • We are all on a journey moving at our pace with our own unique destination. It’s up to you to determine how far and how fast you get there and how to tackle the challenges and tangents that will present themselves along the way.

If you or have any questions about anything regarding this process comment below or email me directly.

Committed to your success,

Josh Saunders
Langley weight loss expert
Voted Langley’s best gym 2011-2017