You Lose Some, You Win Some – Biggest Winner 19

weight loss challenge langley

It’s always tough taking on a challenge from October through December as it’s not the ideal time for people to commit to a weight loss goal.

As you know, these 12 weeks take us through thanksgiving, halloween, and the Christmas season.
(I mean all I can think about right now is chocolate when I write that sentence above…)

And to be honest, we had many people who did not finish and weigh-in this past week and complete the challenge (their last weigh-in was taken as their final weight). They could have done a lot better…

But they know that.

And I’m not one to kick people when they are down and downplay how much stress we all have in our lives (and how the priority of this challenge may have shifted for them since we started).

Because priorities change. They even change daily.

And our role as your coach is to be fluent in your changing priorities and be there in whatever capacity you need.

But no matter how shitty your day was, and/or how people treated you throughout your day, when you walk through our doors, we’re gonna appreciate the shit out of you being here.

– We’ll be here to take it easy on you if you’re having a bad day.
– We’ll be here to push you harder when you’re ready to push it.
– We’ll be here to talk if you need to talk.
– We’ll be here to high five you for checking that to-do off your list today.
– We’ll be here to give you a reality check when you need that too.

Yes, life is hard, teamed with adversity and setbacks around every corner…

But a rising tide lifts all ships and together we are constantly building each other up and improving in this particular domain of our lives.

Because life is not linear.
And progress is not a perfect diagonal trajectory towards legendary status.
(Anyone who disagrees hasn’t lived enough life).

More realistically, our journey looks something more like a consistent low trajectory towards a distant horizon. A distant horizon that most of us would be happy with if we knew we were going to arrive at that destination in x years.

So put less emphasis on what you can do in the short term and put that consistent effort and your eyes on the long term because that’s where the life changing gains are to be made.

In the meantime though, let’s celebrate the success of the following individuals who show us how much of an impact you can make it your life if you apply yourself consistently for 12 weeks.

As with previous Biggest Winner challenges, the male and female that lost the biggest % of their initial weight are awarded the title of the Biggest Winner and earn a $500 reward for their efforts.

And in our 19th Biggest Winner 12 week weight loss challenge, I am pleased to announce that our Biggest Winners are Derek and Courtney!

weight loss challenge langley
weight loss challenge langley

These individuals were successful in achieving a 10% weight loss in 12 weeks (which was the goal for most individuals in this challenge)

weight loss langley
Tara was just .01% away from tying Courtney for the Biggest Winner. Our smallest margin of victory to date. Congratulations Tara on such an impressive 12 weeks!
langley weight loss
12 week challenge

12 week weight loss

12 week weight loss resultsweight loss challenge

weight loss

weight loss before and after before and after weight loss

Desiree jumped on the spin bike an extra hour on her last day to ensure she hit her 10%! Love that finisher mentality!!!

Some weight loss stats:

  • In this challenge 65 individuals lost 651.5lbs.
  • That’s an average of 10lbs per individual in 12 weeks.
  • That equates to an average weight loss per person of 5%.

P.S. We’ll see you in the spring for our 20th 12 week weight loss challenge!

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Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders