15 Years 15 Blogs

I’ve been writing health and fitness blogs since 2009.

That’s 15 years!

(And that doesn’t include my weekly newsletter which I occasionally throw up on the blog….)

So here’s what I did recently…

I skimmed every post on the blog (all 387 of them), and selected the best blog each year for the past 15 years.

Here was my criteria:

  • The messaging was consistent – what I said then is what I’m still saying today
  • Creativity of the article (let’s face it some articles are more exciting than others)
  • Simplicity – Was this article actionable for you!


So with that being said here’s my list of my favourite blogs over the past 15 years.

(All images and titles in red are links to the original content)

2009 – 4 blogs written

Lose Weight Without Dieting… But Go To Bootcamp

I just wrote a blog about not starving yourself last month. Although the quality of my writing wasn’t great 15 years ago, the messaging is there and for that reason this is my favourite post of 2009!!!

2010 – 42 blogs written

Stop Starving Yourself!

Another not starving yourself blog! There’s a few things I would tweak in this today, but this has good background on the science…

Are you sensing a theme here so far?

Also, apparently I was into the stock photos back in the day…

2011 – 31 blogs written
fitness blog
The Best Blog Post I Have Ever Written

Definitely not the best blog I’ve ever written now, but it was the best back in 2011! Writing this stretched my personal limits of understanding human psychology. Not to mention we got our first reference of the crabs in the bucket metaphor!!!

2012 – 28 blogs written

The 3C’s of The Body Apocalypse

Such a nice simple write up on how the positions you’re in when driving a car, sitting on a chair, or working on a computer are destroying your body and posture! Definitely worth a reread!!!

2013 – 27 blogs written

Be The Compound Effect

I love reading these old posts of the old me trying to fire you guys up. The compound effect is one of the themes that have stuck throughout the years and this was a nice example of how your efforts magnify over time…

2014 – 35 blogs written

The Fat Loss Formula

Good nutrition is honest and outcome based. It does not lie. If you are eating good you get results.
The Fat Loss Formula goes over the 5 habits you can use to create a negative energy balance to aid in your fat loss goals.
There are so many links here to so many good blogs that I wrote over the years.
Don’t leave without clicking on the link above!!!

2015 – 18 blogs written

Rugged Maniac Vancouver – BE Rugged

This post, other than providing you with a 26 item recap of BEFIT’s 60 person BE Rugged Maniac team, perfectly encompasses the culture and community of our gym over the years. We ended up doing this event every year with huge groups until they stopped running it. Here’s a link to BE Rugged Part 2 for you too!

Sad note – Rugged Maniac went out of business in 2024.
Not a sad note – I’m down for organizing another group outing like this if someone wants to let me know of a local event like this…

2016 – 32 blogs written

Your First Step to Long Term Nutrition Success

“If a prisoner wants to escape from prison, what’s the first thing he needs to know?”
Think about the answer for a second……
He needs to know that he actually is in prison.
If you don’t believe you are in prison you will not try to escape.
Awareness Precedes Change so read this…

2017 – 22 blogs written

5 Minutes 5 Nutriton Tips

The biggest trick to good nutrition is your mindset.
The type of mindset that for the rest of your life when you get the craving or urge to eat some unhealthy food you ask yourself this question:
“Is the short term satisfaction of this unhealthy food more important than my health and fitness goals?”
Click the link above to read more…

2018 – 44 blogs written
fitness paradox
The Progressing in Your Fitness Paradox

This post discusses the Fitness Paradox, which I described as what you think you should do and what you should actually do with examples including working on technique and weakness instead of work capacity will yield greater fitness…

2019 – 103 blogs written
langley fitness, fitness training, intelligent fitness training
20 Rules of Intelligent Fitness Training

These are the 20 rules of intelligent fitness training you can put into practice next time you are in the gym. This is a must read for getting the most out of your workouts with us!!!

2020 – 11 blogs written
knees over toes squat
Religion, Politics, and Knees Over Toes

Times change, people change, and our concepts and knowledge of training evolve. In that light, here’s why you should put your knees over your toes in the gym…”

2021 – 4 blog written
best gym in langley
10 Years and Our Story

A detailed origin story of BEFIT including old videos, stories of how I almost quit, and everything in between amongst being voted the best gym in Langley for 10 years in a row! (Now 12 years in a row at the time of writing this blog)…

2022 – 15 blogs written
bodyweight exercises, bodyweight
Bodyweight Training is Overrated

I’ve seen patterns and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t for the majority of members who we’ve trained in our gym. Some of these topics are potentially controversial. The sort of thing that you couldn’t state unless you had 100% conviction in your beliefs and had the data to back it up…

And one such observation is:
Bodyweight training is overrated…

2023 – 14 blogs written

Redefining The Hierarchy of Fitness

The hierarchy of fitness is a theoretical development of someones fitness journey beginning with a foundation of mindset and being expressed through power or sport. I’ve been writing about it for years. The first time I wrote about it, was based on someone else’s thoughts. In this instalment, I’ve taken the knowledge accumulated over the years and made a hypothesis on how this hierarchy should be redefined. As so many things begin, they begin with your mindset…

2024 – 4 blogs written

Results Or Excuses – The Path To Success

The price of each other is the other.
If you want results. You cannot have excuses.
If you want excuses. You cannot have results.
In that light, there are many inherent trade-offs in pursuing personal growth and achievement both in and out of the gym…

Also, I found this from 2009. This was the picture on the website when I first started.

I don’t recognize that person. A big dreamer and lacking discipline, but ready to work. I guess he did ok…

I feel compelled to do a before and after now as I’ve created so many before and afters with you guys, logged thousands of workouts at BEFIT and wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.

Looking forward to writing another 15 years for you!

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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