Langley gym opening soon – boxing inspired group fitness

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A new boxing inspired group fitness gym is coming soon to Langley.

Yes, I never thought I’d be opening up another gym in Langley, but Karen and I developed a concept that we think is going to take the group fitness world by storm!

It combines the 1-2 punch of boxing and strength training to give you the best of both strength and conditioning.

We’ve outfitted individual stations with their own set of weights, trx, step up box, miniband, and superband.

We both wanted to stay close to home with this new venture, so decided to start our new group fitness boxing concept in Langley where we can watch over both gyms.

Boxing inspired group fitness is the next trend in the fitness industry and we’re excited that we could share it first with our Langley and Surrey neighbours!

Some may think we’re crazy opening up another gym in Langley and competing directly with BEFIT (which has been named Langley’s best gym the last 6 years in a row), but we don’t see it that way…

LVFiT will complement what we already have and offer an alternative to people who like having their own space, aren’t a fan of barbell workouts, and love boxing!

Workouts will be 45 minutes long with a focus on metabolic conditioning and fat loss.

You can learn more about LVFiT by checking us out at www.lvfitinc.com

Committed to your success,
Josh and Karen
langley gym, langley boxing, langley fitness