The Story of a Langley Fitness Blog

langley fitness blog

I’ve been writing health and fitness blogs for over 10 years now.

langley fitness blog

And I’ve been strolling down memory lane over the past month as I’ve been curating the website. It’s been fun to go back and read these posts and it’s nice to see I’ve been consistent in my messaging over the years (I was writing about the contrast between boot camp and big box gyms in my first post here).

Fittingly, this first blog post was about making a change for the year 2010 and the decade ahead. Now that we sit here on the edge of 2020, it feels appropriate to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going.

I started writing about health and fitness back in November 2009 (2 months before The Bootcamp Effect opened on January 4th of 2010) with a goal of getting health and fitness content on my website for both educational and website optimization purposes. Now 10 years later, I am going through these blogs and updating them for this very same purpose.

Much like anything in life, it comes back to consistency with the basics. I like to remind our excellent coaches here at BEFIT that if you coach and insist on the basics in our sessions, that you, our valued member, will recognize the potency of the fundamentals, appreciate the virtuosity of the movement and advance in every measurable way past those not blessed to have a personal trainer so grounded and committed to the basics.

Because it is the basics that move the needle and create positive change. Like anything in life, especially your health and fitness, it’s about being consistent and not getting distracted by the novice’s compulsion – the rush to risk and originality. I’d like to think, we’ve continued that theme in our blogs and messaging over the years. It’s always been about awareness precedes change, enjoying the process while putting in the work, and growing into a greater, grander version of you ready to take on things you never thought possible.

So being nostalgic about this, I wanted to share these first 2 posts with you. They have been updated with links to other blog posts on the BEFIT website, but they still possess an innocent quality about them written by this 26 year old kid who was kinda just figuring things out.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect also known as BEFIT

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