Langley Bootcamp on Shaw TV

Hey Guys,

This was a video filmed a while back (January 2011) by Shaw TV for a segment entitled New Year – New You.
We were a little crazy that day….Well, we’re a little crazy everyday, but hey, unreasonable people shape the world!

Big thanks to our Morning Metabolizer, bootcamp trainer Krystine, for setting this up!

The girls were amazing that day and we had a pretty fun time even though some had to do an endless amount of tire flips and medicine ball slams (and they had just gone through a bootcamp class)!

Being a perfectionist, I couldn’t help but notice a mistake I made when explaining an exercise. Who can spot this mistake? (It will tell me you’ve been paying attention!) Leave your comment below if you think you’ve got the answer!


Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect