Langley Bootcamp Looks Toward The Future with The Biggest Winner Review

The expansion is in full swing, it should be another week or so before we get to enjoy the additional space. With more space, will come more dynamic workouts, and much more of what makes The Bootcamp Effect the #1 voted gym in Langley.

See, starting a new year is all about reflecting on what you accomplished last year and breaking down new walls for this year. Those things that were in your way last year that prevented you from growing can now (with some effort and force), be gone, and now you can move forward with no walls preventing your growth.

We all have some type of wall that prevents us from achieving something. All we can do, is knock it down and push forward!

For The Bootcamp Effect, our wall was a physical one. Now we have the space to grow both in membership and success stories, some of which you will see below.

But before we reflect on 2013. I would ask you to ask yourself… What is your wall?

When you find that wall that brings you into threat mode and shuts you down from any help being offered to you,

When you knock it down….

Immense growth and success will follow.

So make it.

BEchange, BEstrong, and knock some f#%kin walls down!

2014 will bring even more of an approach that not only delivers great results but enhances lifestyle. The Bootcamp Effect is about becoming the best version of you. If we can’t help people change for the long term we’re only ingraining a yo-yo lifestyle that is just not acceptable. So our focus is on movement, training, nutrition, coaching, counselling, corrective exercise, recovery…all of these and more cover lifestyle management. As fitness professionals, we owe it to you, to become great at the things that will help you best. Just being great at training isn’t enough!

That is why in 2014, my goals revolve around you.

Here are my goals for 2014 – Why? So you can keep me accountable if I’m not reaching them. I recommend you doing the same at the bottom of the page, so that we can all keep each other accountable!

  • Obtain Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification
  • Integrate more specialized nutritional assistance into our bootcamp programs
  • Integrate workshops into the bootcamp for preventing back pain and shoulder pain
  • Integrate a functional movement screen into the bootcamp so that you can do corrective exercises in the workouts for muscle imbalances
  • Have at least 2 transformation contests
  • Build the bootcamp membership base to 250 members by the end of 2014.

And if you think The Bootcamp Effect has done a lot, then you’re going to be surprised for 2014. I’m excited for the workouts, the results, and for the impact that The Bootcamp Effect will make on the community.

That’s the 2014’s prelude…let’s get to the fun stuff…

The Biggest Winner

It’s been about a month since Jeff and Marla were awarded The Biggest Winner title taking home $500 each for their efforts. And even better, since that time, they have still been regular faces at bootcamp (yes, even during the holidays). So I applaud and appreciate them for that.

If you are new here, here is some background on The Biggest Winner.

And some before and afters of some great results! 


I asked some of our participants who did great to give everyone a few words about their nutrition and training frequency…

Here are some words from Jeff, who lost 16.3% of his bodyweight in 12 weeks. Hope it helps!

“I joined bootcamp at the start of the summer after being recommended by Marcus, a long time member as well as a co-worker and friend of mine. I had never been to a bootcamp or any other type of group training so I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. From day one Josh and his team made me feel extremely comfortable starting from a very beginner fitness level to where I am today. The type of workouts Josh puts together along with the nutritional information have allowed me to reach and set new goals faster than I ever thought. If you ask anyone that knows or works out with me Bootcamp Effect has truly changed my life. My success from the biggest winner challenge this fall was the result of 100% consistency, both in getting my workouts in 4-5 times a week as well as building a solid meal plan. Preparing meals at the start of each week had a positive impact on my energy levels for my workouts and decreased my chances of making the wrong choices. I never felt guilty having a higher fat or calorie meal here and there because I would make sure it was built into my weekly plan. The most valuable aspect of Bootcamp to my success is the many new friends I’ve met in the 7:30PM time slot. These people along with Josh and his trainers are your biggest keys to success that you won’t get at your everyday gym. Thank-you to Felix for challenging me and making sure I get to every workout, Rani for the nutrition and meal planning tips, Rene and Gary for making me comfortable at bootcamp right from the start, and of course Marcus for getting me to suck it up and start in the first place. Overall bootcamp is a challenge I need in my life to help reach goals I find very difficult to achieve at a contemporary gym. Thanks again Josh and your team, you definitely have a Bootcamp Effect advocate for life.”

“The Biggest Winner Challenge was a huge accomplishment for me. Having an actual start and finish date really made a difference on my commitment. I hit the gym 4 plus days a week and changed my eating. I completely cut out all dairy, wheat and sugar, basically going Paleo with protein shakes and bars (lots of water). The support of all the trainers and new friends I’d made was so encouraging and helpful. It IS an extended family; you are always greeted with smiles and welcomed to every class. It is such a positive and energetic atmosphere. I will keep
on making myself the best “ME” I can be and I know The Bootcamp Effect Team will support me in all my challenges.
I LOVE IT There!!!”

And it wasn’t just these guys who had great results.

Here are some before and afters of other members who reached their goals of at least 10%


Genevieve lost 14.7% of her bodyweight in 12 weeks.


Ron lost 13.4% in 12 weeks and also wanted to help everyone obtain better results, so he wrote some words for you as well…

“On July 4th I went for a physical and weighed in at 198lbs. I was overweight but still feeling pretty good as I was fairly active but had absolutely no thoughts or ambition to follow a proper diet. I was the running trainer for a group that ran the Scotia half marathon in June and as a thank you at our wind up party they gave me a 2 month membership to The Bootcamp Effect. I started my membership at the beginning of August but before that I took a long hard look at myself during the month of July. I looked at where I wanted to be a year from then and after mulling it over and formulating a game plan I was ready Aug 1st to implement it.  Just so you know my goals were to weigh in the 160’s which was a weight that was foreign to me since high school and to run the Boston Marathon. This was  a race I had run 10 years earlier when I was 50. The two best things I did for myself was to actually start my membership and to radically change my diet. I became Vegan. The first month at Bootcamp I dropped 8 lbs  and was well on my way but I needed a bit more motivation and guidance. September arrived and with it was the start of the Biggest Winner. I decided to enter it to see if I could lose the 10% body weight which would get me closer to my first goal. I started at 190.2 lbs and I committed to going 4x a week to the club. I followed the guidelines laid out by Josh of writing down all my meals and jotting down my perceived effort of my actual Bootcamp workouts.  Writing down my meals really worked. It took the guess work out as I could go back and see what I had eaten that week if the results I was hoping for didn’t show up on the scale. While I felt I was working out hard I never gave myself a mark of more than 8-1/2  out of 10. Even at that I was being pretty generous. I always felt I could have given more and I would always vow to do so during the next class. At the halfway point I weighed in at 179 lbs. which I was extremely happy with. I knew however that it would just get harder from here on and I really didn’t have a clue on how I was going to drop 8 more lbs. I am really not into starving. Josh had the answer for me when in one of his Emails he mentioned the 2 plate rule. It made perfect sense to me and I adopted this formula for eating during the last 3 plus weeks of bootcamp. The weight just dropped off and I weighed in on contest day at 164.8 lbs. To get to this weight I just stuck to a basic game plan of following a 4 day workout schedule, putting in a stronger effort and being absolutely religious to my diet. Doing so allowed me to hit my goal big time. I was actually trying to win the contest so I dropped a few more lbs. than I had originally  planned. I have gained a few back and I am now holding steady at 168-169 lbs. One goal down one more to go. I start training Jan 7th for my goal race on May 4th and I see no reason why I will not be successful. Like the wall at Bootcamp states, there is no try I will just do it. I have now been going to The Bootcamp Effect for 5 months and have been Vegan for the same. I realize being Vegan is not for everyone, in fact it is for very few. That said it follows the same principals of Josh’s 2 plate rules, I just get my proteins from different sources.  The change in my body and my mind has been very rewarding. I enjoy my workouts with my trainers and I enjoy being surrounded by like minded people. Not all my decisions in life have been winners but this one certainly has been. Thanks to everyone at The Bootcamp Effect for inspiring me to better health and for pushing me in my athletic endeavors. Thanks also for allowing me to share my story. ”


Rupy lost 10.7% in 12 weeks.

Rani (1)

Rani lost 10.7% in 12 weeks.


Cathy lost 10% in 12 weeks. Here’s some words from her:

“My very first week at BE was the start of The Biggest Winner. Monday, September 16th. (A day I will never forget!) I worked out so hard that I actually got sick at the end of the workout, but I did it! And I finished my workout. I pushed myself from the very first day. I did the next day,Tuesday (I took the Wednesday off) Then I went for the rest of the week. The second week I did 5x (Monday to Friday) per week until the end of October. When I was starting to feel more comfortable in October, I upped my intensity in my workouts, and I was starting to feel really good, and making progress I could see and feel. The weight started coming off, and so did the inches. In November, I did 6x per week (Monday – Saturday) In the last 4 weeks of The Biggest Winner I decided to double up my Tuesdays and Thursday cardio days when I was able to.

I also had a printed paper calendar on my dresser for every month of the contest, and recorded all of my workouts, how I was feeling daily. A checkmark for every workout completed. Visual proof, and a record of the work I put in. The challenges etc. On a top sheet, I recorded all of my goals for the next month. In simple bullet points. I looked these goals daily. I also put post it notes on my mirror to keep me inspired.

As for my eating, I followed as best as I could the BE guidelines provided, and I asked for advice when I wasn’t sure or needed help. I was drinking 8-12 glasses of water daily, and I gave myself a once a week splurge (usually on the weekend) and then back on track the very next day. I recorded everything I ate in myfitnesspal.com. I also tried to get as much sleep as I could, and upped my healthy fats. I also did weekly weigh ins at BE to keep me motivated every week. In the first week I lost a good amount, and then the next three weeks I didn’t lose anything, but my body was making changes that I could see. I never gave up, even when I didn’t even think I would reach my 10%. I just kept ramping up my intensity, asking for help and pushing myself each and every workout. At the end of 12 weeks I made my 10% and I was really proud of myself for not giving up. Even if I didn’t win the contest, I am still SO happy with my results! The contest for me was just a beginning, and the after photo is my “in progress” and here I am now at week 14 and I am still losing! I have continued with 5-6x per week classes, and my running 3x per week. I am going to be starting a 10 km run clinic in January. I have big goals for myself in 2014 and I am so encouraged and supported at the BE. I know I will reach my goals! I thought running was my favourite thing in the whole world, but the BE has become my second family and favourite workout! I am so happy when I am there, and proud that I am still working at my goals! I am so excited for 2014!”


Val lost 10% in 12 weeks.


And Steve lost 11% of his bodyweight in 12 weeks!

Here’s some other pics of great results who just missed 10%.


And here’s some great words from Mamie!

“Over the last 5 years having been to a couple of different boot camps, I’d resigned myself to the fact that I would not likely see much fat/weight loss – while I had seen improvements in my stamina and strength, my body just wanted to hang onto the weight. I really thought I was doomed, it’s what happens when you’re in your 40’s isn’t it?

In May I gave it another try, started with a couple of classes a week, not enough to make much of a difference. When I joined the challenge and started going 3-4 day/week and with the nutrition suggestions, I improved my eating habits and that’s when I noticed changes. My clothes got looser and I was more toned, what an awesome feeling!

Josh and his team of trainers are terrific, they do a great job keeping me motivated with the varied workouts, and they are always approachable if there are questions on mods or nutrition. I love the support from other members, I always feel welcome and not awkward for not knowing how to do an exercise. It’s great to have the support from other members, cheering you on so you push yourself that extra little bit. Thanks to Bootcamp Effect for helping me improve my health and putting me onto path to achieve my goal. My goal, by the way is to do unassisted pull ups and losing another 5-8 lbs.”







And this is just a few of the great results we had! If The Biggest Winner taught us one thing. It was consistency! Consistency in your workouts. Consistency in good nutrition. Consistency. The individuals who were the most consistent and made the biggest lifestyle changes yielded the best results. Congratulations to everyone who did so great. I look forward to knocking down walls with you in 2014!

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect