Langley Bootcamp Biggest Winner Season 8

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Another 12 week challenge is in the books with The Bootcamp Effect’s Biggest Winner, Langley’s #1 weight loss challenge.

And in our 8th instalment of the challenge, we saw a new record!

But we’ll get to that in a second…

This season, we had teams of 2 working together in hopes of adding that extra layer of accountability. With weight loss, as well as in many other pursuits in life, it is all about accountability and consistency.

  • Accountability to yourself with your own actions. How much you workout and the food you eat!
  • Accountability to your teammate. To do your best and not let them down!
  • Accountability to the bootcamp coaching staff. We know when you are not here regularly and not pushing yourself!

And as I always stress. Not looking at this as just a 12 week weight loss challenge/solution/magic bullet, but the beginning of a lifestyle that will translate into years of success and improvement.

Now, let’s put our hands together for the team who put up the biggest % of weight lost in 12 weeks and prioritized their health and fitness TO THE MAX!

With an average of 13.85% of weight loss in 12 weeks we have Cathleena Mullen and Christine Brown!

***Cathleena broke The Biggest Winner record by losing 19.2% of her bodyweight in 12 weeks!***

12 week weight loss challenge langley before and after
Here are some words from Cathleena:
“Joining The Bootcamp Effect last October was the best decision regarding my health that I have ever made, hands down. I have been overweight my entire life. I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. My version of exercise was walking and doing a half ass job of a workout DVD in my basement. I have done different weight loss food programs that start off well but aren’t maintainable. Josh has really opened my eyes and I have now changed my lifestyle. This isn’t a fad, or a quick fix. This is my new lifestyle. Working out is now one of my priorities. Making time for me to better myself and my health is important. It’s important for me, my husband and my children. I have learned so much about nutrition from Josh and Karen. “The 2 Plate Rule” is amazing, I swear by it. I love it. It has become second nature to me. (Look it up on the blog, it will change your life.) Since I joined last October I am proud to say I have lost over 110lbs. However, I am even more proud of seeing what my body is capable of. I am excited to push myself to do new things, usually with a gentle nudge from a trainer :). It’s very rewarding seeing myself getting physically stronger and doing things I never thought I would be able to do. “Excuses or results, not both” ;). True story.”

Christine lost 8.5% of her bodyweight in 12 weeks!

christine 12 weeks

Here are some words from Christine:
“I’ve been overweight all my life. The weight just kept slowly increasing throughout my adult life until I finally realized I had a problem. I tried various diets, did weight watchers (twice), ran steadily for a year. Each time I lost weight, hit a plateau and then stopped. Since joining the bootcamp effect I’ve had my eyes opened to changing my lifestyle choices and realizing there is no quick fix. Sunday has become food prep day at home. We grocery shop Saturday’s so I have everything ready. Sunday’s I prep my lunch and breakfast meals for the week, cut up raw veg to have on hand, cook up extra rice/quinoa to have available for weeknight meals. What once seemed like a daunting and overwhelming task has now become routine. I am not quite at my goal weight yet, but am very close. I’m finally at a place where I like what I see in the mirror. I have a confidence I’ve never had before and am happier than ever. I still surprise myself at what I’m capable of doing now. All the staff at the bootcamp effect have been beyond words spectacular. They truly care about you and your results. I’m so grateful for each one of them and the relationships we’ve formed.”

These 2 were MODELS OF CONSISTENCY, with Cathleena logging in 72 workouts over the 12 weeks (6 per week for 12 weeks) and Christine logging in 73 workouts over 12 weeks (6 per week for 11 weeks and 7 workouts in 1 week).

They were the only team to attend bootcamp every session over the 12 week challenge. NOW THAT’S COMMITMENT!

In 2nd place in the team challenge, we had Matt and Rani. who averaged 12.85% as a team.

Matt lost 14% of his bodyweight.

matt 12 week bootcamp langley results

Rani lost 11.7% of her bodyweight


In 3rd place in the team challenge, we had Ryan and Meaghan, who average 12.45% as a team.

Ryan lost 11.1% of his bodyweight

ryan lost 37lbs in 12 weeks

Meaghan lost 13.8% of her bodyweight

megan lost 31lbs at bootcamp

In 4th place we had Michelle and June, who averaged 10.5% of bodyweight lost.

In 5th place, we had a tie with 2 teams losing an average of 9.05% of their original weight. Those teams were Laura and Stef & Chelsea and Laurissa.

Here are Group Stats for the Challenge:

Total participants at beginning: 100
Total participants at end: 88 (12 had to discontinue for various reasons)
Total weight lost: 931lbs
Average weight lost per participant: 10.6lbs
Average weight lost per week .88lbs
Total weight lost in in the first 2 weeks: 399lbs
Average weight lost in the first 2 weeks: 3.99lbs (1.995lbs/week)
Average attendance in the first 2 weeks: 4.2 workouts/week

And here are some more great bootcamp results….

Cue the Before and Afters!

langley bootcamp results for michelle

kim before and after

laura before and after

langley bootcamp typical results

langley boot camp before and after corrine

Attendance Tracking:

As we did last year, we tracked workout frequency vs. weight loss…

Here are the stats of the 20 individuals who lost the highest percentage of their intital bodyweight in the challenge and how many days per week on average they exercised…

Top 20 Weight Loss Efforts and Average Workouts/Week (Ranked by % lost)

Cathleena – 6 workouts/week (lost 47.4lbs)
Michelle – 3.5 workouts/week (lost 32.2lbs)
Matt – 3.7 workouts/week (lost 35.4lbs)
Meaghan – 6 workouts/week (lost 30.8lbs)
Kim – 3.8 workouts/week (lost 24lbs)
Laura – 5.8 workouts/week (lost 23.2lbs)
Jim – 5.8 workouts/week (lost 28.6lbs)
Corrine – 4.8 workouts/week (lost 21lbs)
Rani – 4.4 workouts/week (lost 19.4lbs)
Ryan – 5.8 workouts/week (lost 37.4lbs)
Ian – 4.4 workouts/week (lost 21lbs)
Chelsea – 5.3 workouts/week (lost 22.6lbs)
Alexandra – 6.3 workouts/week (lost 18.2lbs)
Stef – 5.3 workouts/week (lost 17.8lbs)
Gary – 3.9 workouts/week (lost 21lbs)
Lindsay – 1.7 workouts/week (lost 19.4lbs)
Kristi – 4.2 workouts/week (lost 15.2lbs)
Christine – 6.1 workouts/week (lost 13.8lbs)
Laurissa – 3.1 workouts/week (lost 12.2lbs)
Melissa – 4.8 workouts/week (lost 20.6lbs)

* Assume a slight degree of error for these attendance stats, as it was possible someone may not have signed in everytime they worked out.

If you take the top 20’s results above and average them you get an average of 4.1 workouts per week equating to 24lbs lost and an average of 11.2% of weight loss based on their initial starting weight.

And this is important because…

As you can see from the data above, if you averaged 4 or more workouts/week, you get pretty good results. So, if you are working out 4x/week and not achieving your weight loss goal, then we need to look at other limiting factors… like nutrition.

On the flip side, we took the 20 lowest weight loss percentages and saw an average of 2.69 workouts/week.

It’s all within your power to do this. Consistently making it to the gym, AT LEAST 4 days/week. Then consistently doing your best to prioritize healthy nutrition 90% of the time. The other 10% you can indulge and keep your self sane if you need that piece of pizza.
As I have said repeatedly (or consistently), it is all about your commitment and consistency.
  • Don’t justify your bad choices.
  • Don’t be easy on yourself.
  • Don’t be blind to the choices that are stopping you.
  • Don’t give yourself a chance to not succeed.
  • Do what is required.
  • Do challenge yourself.
  • Do be aware of your actions.
  • Do this consistently and expect results.
The interesting thing is, it really is all about your commitment and consistency.
For example, in the first 2 weeks of this challenge commitment and consistency was extremely high! And the results were high because of this. (There was 399lbs lost in 2 weeks!)
If we take the first 2 weeks for everyone in this challenge, we have 100 people who worked out 840 times. This equates to 4.2 workouts/week per person. And as we know from the top 20’s stats, that is about the same average amount of workouts that they did throughout the challenge for getting some pretty nice results!

Furthermore, if we look at weight loss for the first 2 weeks, the total weight loss is 399lbs.

If you average that out per person it equates to 3.99lbs per person! Which in my opinion is fantastic! That’s a great number –  2lbs per week. The trick here is to not lose it when you don’t see that every week and sabotage your efforts. The work you put in this week, will show up next week. The 2 weeks of effort compounds and shows up next month. You can either be making positive steps and letting the compound effect do its thing or you can stay the same.

If you need help with your nutrition? Start here. I highly recommend reviewing the powerpoint in the motivation section first.

Need help with getting in the gym?
As Aristotle put it, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

As always we are committed to your results.
Josh Saunders, Bsc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect
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