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This Langley Bootcamp Does It Again With Personal Training Results with The Biggest Winner Challenge!

Another instalment of Langley’s Biggest Winner is in the books. This marks the 7th season of the weight loss challenge, and once again there was some incredible results (as you will see below)…

But, I’ve got to be honest (and you can always expect this from me)…

On one side, I’m ecstatic to see the individuals who committed themselves for the 12 weeks and adopted habits that they will sustain for the future. On the other side, I’m disappointed to see the individuals who just signed up and didn’t put the effort in that they are capable of.

And I don’t want to dwell on this, but we all get it! We’re all busy! You have to make the time! There is no excuse for this. You have to prioritize it!

Now, let’s put our hands together for the 2 individuals who put up the biggest % of weight lost in 12 weeks and prioritized their health and fitness!

  • For the guys, at 16.9 % of weight loss, we have John Bone!
  • For the girls, at 13.1% of weight loss, we have May Smith!

As always with The Biggest Winner 12 week transformation challenge, those who participated were challenged with losing 10% of their bodyweight in 12 weeks. Those who made 10% were refunded their entry for the challenge and those who lost the highest % earned the $500 grand prize.

Here’s a look at our winners this year.
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Here are some words from May:

“In 2013, I relocated to the lower mainland from the central interior. It was a big change for me – new work environment and away from my friends and family. I was inactive. I ate out frequently, and got out of shape fast. I wanted to get back in shape and tried many different gyms and activities, but none worked for me. It was only recently that I found Bootcamp Effect, and I felt right at home. Josh was always helpful as well as the rest of the staff, Karen, Alicia and Laurie. I have a few issues with my knees but I was told to modify and do what I can. It’s a non-threatening environment where everyone does their best at their own fitness level. I didn’t think I could workout five or six days a week, but I did. I felt stronger and invigorated after each session, and have benefited greatly from the entire body workout approach. I especially appreciate Josh’s regular emails/reminders to stay committed and consistent. One of his many gems that stuck in my head was that you can’t out exercise your diet. He keeps things simple… good diet and regular workouts = results. I am grateful for the Bootcamp staff, and thrilled with my journey into a healthier lifestyle.”

langley personal training
Here are some words from John:
“I have been training with The Bootcamp Effect for almost 3 years. Since I’ve joined I have seen my fitness level get better and better with each passing month. The motivation at the gym is constant and really there doesn’t seem to be a better place for me to go to unwind after a day’s work or to get my day started. The Bootcamp Effect has given me and other members the tools and support needed to achieve the goals we set. This past three months a group of amazing people took on a challenge to lose as much weight as we all could and be the BIGGEST WINNERS that we all know we are. I personally lost 46 pounds with the help of Josh and his staff of trainers. I can’t say enough about how the staff at the gym with the knowledge that they have and the enthusiasm that they share they make it a place that even the newest members feel welcomed. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone that took part in the challenge and to thank Josh and his staff at the BOOTCAMP EFFECT .”

Here are Group Stats for the Challenge:
Total participants: 92
Total weight lost: 872.2lbs
Average weight lost per participant: 9.5lbs
Average weight lost per week .79lbs
Total weight lost in in the first 2 weeks: 331.2lbs
Average weight lost in the first 2 weeks: 3.6lbs (1.8lbs/week)

And here are some more great results….

Cue the Before and Afters!

langley personal training
personal trainer langley
personal trainer langley
langley bootcamp
langley personal training
personal trainer langley
personal training langley
personal trainer langley
langley personal training

Attendance Tracking:

I also thought it would be interesting to track workout frequency and compare that to your weight loss…
Here are the stats of the 20 individuals who lost the highest percentage of their intital bodyweight in the challenge and how many days per week on average they exercised…
Top 20 Weight Loss Efforts and average workouts/week
John –  5.8 workouts/week (lost 45.8lbs)
May – 5.3 workouts/week (lost 22.2lbs)
Julie – 4.9 workouts/week (lost 22.6lbs)
Terry – 4.5 workouts/week (lost 18.2lbs)
Sam – 3 workouts/week (lost 19.2lbs)
Ryan – 4.6 workouts/week (lost 47.9lbs)
Brian – 3.1 workouts/week (lost 27.2lbs)
Tanya – 3.7 workouts/week (lost 20.4lbs)
Alison – 2.6 workouts/week (lost 18.8lbs)
Susan – 6 workouts/week (lost 15lbs)
Stefanie – 4.7 workouts/week (lost 22.6lbs)
Rebecca – 4.5 workouts/week (lost 15lbs)
Melissa – 4.8 workouts/week (lost 26lbs)
Ed – 4.5 workouts/week (lost 17.4lbs)
Janis – 1.8 workouts/week (lost 12.2lbs)
Sam – 3.3 workouts/week (lost 13.2lbs)
Kate – 3.8 workouts/week (lost 15.4lbs)
Nancy – 3 workouts/week (lost 13.8lbs)
Kristi – 3.7 workouts/week (lost 12lbs)
Mel – 4.8 workouts/week (lost 14.8lbs)

* Assume a slight degree of error for these stats, as it was possible someone may not have signed in everytime they worked out. I also noticed there was a significant decrease in signing in for the last week of the challenge (cue angry face)…

If you take the top 20’s results and average that you get an average of 4.1 workouts per week equating to 10.4% of weight loss based on their initial starting weight.
Why do we care about this?
As you can see from the data above, if you averaged 4 or more workouts/week, you get pretty good results. So, if you are working out 4x/week and not achieving your weight loss goal, then we need to look at other limiting factors… like nutrition.
It’s all within your power to do this. Consistently making it to the gym, AT LEAST 4 days/week. Then consistently doing your best to prioritize healthy nutrition 90% of the time.
The interesting thing is, it really is all about your commitment and consistency.
For example, in the first 2 weeks of this challenge commitment and consistency was extremely high!
If I take the first 2 weeks for everyone in this challenge, we have 92 people who worked out 729 times. This equates to 4 workouts/week per person. And as we know from the top 20’s stats, that is the minimum number of workouts for consistently getting great results.
Furthermore, if I look at weight loss for the first 2 weeks, the total weight loss is 335.4lbs
If you average that out per person it equates to 3.6lbs per person! Which in my opinion is fantastic! That’s a great number –  1-2lbs per week. The trick here is to not lose it when you don’t see that every week and sabotage your efforts.
See most people may think weight loss is a straight line. Losing weight, gradually, at 2 lbs a week, whistling through the grocery store, not an energy sucking vampire in sight, and staying ‘clean’ on weekends with zero issues…
.. that never happens.
Weight loss is a scribbly line that goes up, down, back, and forth. Distractions and Vampires all over the place, trying to get you to go back to your ‘old ways’.
That’s why, you need to prioritize this and BE consistent. The people above were the most consistent with their attendance and their nutrition and that is the model for success.
Need help with your nutrition? Start here.
Need help with getting in the gym? As Andrew Carnegie put it, “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”
By the way, we were using the fit clients app to track everyone’s weight during the challenge. I will be leaving this app up if anyone wants to utlize it. It sends you autoreminders to weigh in every 1-2 weeks and you can record it on your phone or computer. In addition I am also able to see your progress and check in with you if you need some help or motivation!
You can access fitclients here.
You can sign in with your facebook account or your email (at the bottom where it says create account). Once you have signed up – you can download their app (fitclients) which will notifiy you every 1-2 weeks to record your weight on your phone. (Trainer ID 5398).
And with that if anyone wants to make a kickstart in their life, or needs the accountability of a fitness challenge. We look forward to being there for you. The next Biggest Winner is tentatively scheduled for March.
Thank you to everyone for your efforts!
As always we are committed to your results,
Josh Saunders, Bsc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

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