Langley Bootcamp Biggest Winner Blueprint

Hey all,

It’s been about a month since Shane and Kim earned the title of The Biggest Winners taking home $500 each for their efforts. And even better, since that time, they have still been regular faces at bootcamp (yes, even during the holidays). So I applaud and appreciate them for that.

And for looking so good whilst holding a giant cheque with their names on it.

Everyone likes an awkward celebratory pose ;)…Please click on the pics if you wish to enlarge them!

In the case that you’re new here, your update on what is The Biggest Winner lies here.

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Here’s the vitals on Shane and Kim’s 12 week efforts. Note that I did ask them to impart some wisdom on how they were able to achieve their amazing results so that others may follow and replicate. The links below are to The Bootcamp Effect Members Page. Check the whiteboard out for the password next time you are at the bootcamp.

Here’s some words from Kim who lost 22.4lbs in 12 weeks:

“When I signed up for the Biggest Winner, I knew that I would get great results by following the food guide that Josh gave us (she’s talking about BE Fit Nutrition). After all, I did lose 11 pounds my first month by eating the same way! So once we were given our package, I sat down and read it over. I then highlighted all the foods I would eat and took that list to the store and stocked up. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t need to change my foods a lot to keep me interested, so I only slightly changed up my meals each week. I’m also a “go hard or go home” kind of person. So knowing that cutting out all grains/sugar/alcohol would give me better results I did that too. Since I was not eating carbs (besides veggies/fruit) I eat quite frequent. Every 2-3 hours. Even though I have such a predictable meal plan, I still logged it all down, everyday into My Fitness Pal. Everything..even gum. Sometimes you forget all the small things in the day and they really do add up!

This is a sample menu for me and also a very typical day:

Breakfast – Either Turkey Bacon with avocado and tomatoes or eggs with avocado and sauteed veggies
Snack – Vega Sport Protein Shake w/ mixed berries.
Lunch – Raw mixed veggies – usually snap peas, celery, peppers, tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil and a grilled chicken breast or grilled shrimp
Snack – Vega bar or a ground turkey mixture with veggies in a lettuce wrap.
Dinner – Chicken Fajita salad – (I make my own seasoning without salt, I never use that chemical packaged loaded with salt.) – Sauteed chicken, peppers/onions and fresh tomatoes with organic salsa and hot sauce over a bead of lettuce. SO GOOD.
Snack – Some sort of protein, whatever I have in the fridge usually and a small handfull of nuts.

I also stopped having a cheat meal. For me, it didn’t work. Not that the cheat meal doesn’t work, but in my head. So instead of a cheat meal, I would have a few cookies or chocolate instead, I have a sweet tooth so this worked well for me.

Even though the 12 weeks are finished, I am still eating this way. I feel so much better having cut out grains and dairy, I don’t miss it. It gets easier as the time goes by, I promise!”
– Kim Dean

Here’s some words from Shane on how he achieved an amazing feat of 47lbs in 12 weeks:

“After reading thru the book that Josh gave me (he’s talking about the BE Fit Nutrition rules), I decided to change what I was eating. The first thing that I did was I eliminated gluten from my diet and all processed foods. If it was in a can or premade I didn’t have it. I also I stoped having coffee and pop and drank only water and protein shakes. I also tried to eat smaller meals throghout the day. For breakfast, I would start with cereal or oatmeal and then try to eat protein and fresh veggies alternateing every 2 to 3 hours while at work. Once I got home I would usually have chicken or fish with hot veggies or a salad . I also tried to not eat anything after 8 pm.
I usually saved Saturday for my cheat meal but sometimes I would mix it up and do it on a Friday. Usually my cheat meal would be eating out at a restraunt or eating premade food. The two things that I focussed on avoiding were gluten and booze, everything else was fairgame for my cheat meal.”
– Shane Clifford

P.s. I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Jennifer Partington who lost 15.6% during the 12 week challenge. Congrats Jen on your phenomenol commitment to your health and fitness goals.


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