Langley Bootcamp Attitude Adjustment

Here are 25 attitude adjustments for the body you’ve always wanted from your favorite Langley Boot camp.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount on this list, just grab 5 and go for it! You don’t need to make your goal harder on you that it should be. Focus and persevere and win.

1.Write down your goals for you. They can even be out of this world! Just break them up into smaller goals first! Every member has a written goal on The Bootcamp Effect Registration form.
2. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. I have recently developed a fat blasting cleansing diet…I’ll have it to all bootcamp members soon!
3. Now take a before picture. To remind you of how good you’re doing if your scale number isn’t meeting your expectations. All Bootcamp members should have a before picture! Check out these Langley Bootcamp All-Stars for some before and afters
4. Now Drink….water! 1.5 litres a day for women and 3 litres a day for men.
5. Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want. You will step up your game and learn from them. I spend a lot of my time learning from people who have built ultra successful fitness bootcamps.
6. No cellphone no problem. How distracting!
7. Burn the most fat by doing full body circuit training like boxing, biking, deadlifts, rows, jump squats, and chin-ups with little rest in between, that’s cardio and strength combined!
8. The less rest between sets, the harder, and the more your body turns into a fat-burning machine…get ready bootcampers!
9. Inches off your hips and waist are most important for women, not pounds.
10. Buy your clothes small, and make it so you fit, or “waist your money and don’t fit!” That’s motivation!
11. Workout buddies rock. At the bootcamp, we got mom’s and daughters, couples, Team Sassy Pants, 3G, Co-workers, M and M, It Feels Awesome, It Feels Awesome Part 2, Team 18:00...and so on.
12. This one’s big. REAL BIG! If you can have a conversation while working out, you are not working out hard enough and will prob be disappointed when you step on the scale (if you measure your success by the number on the scale…)
13. Your workouts need to change to challenge your body. It’s called progressive overload, and your body will adapt to a stress induced on it. So if your bicep curling 10lbs always at bootcamp, then you’re body will just change enough to lift this comfortably….CHALLENGE IT….safely. That’s why I’m there (and Rebecca, Krystine, and Kurt).
14. The most successful people with their body composition goals are having protein shakes after their workout, hence….have a shake after your workout, they taste good, and most women don’t eat enough protein to rebuild the muscle fibers after workout. They need to be rebuilt so that you have more lean muscle, which raises your metabolism 24/7 and gets you results. Try 100% Optimum Whey at Popeyes Supplements (I use this one!) Or prograde protein (this stuff tastes amazing and is the top of the line!)
15. Adopt a long term mindset. It takes most people years to build the body they want. When you have your goal, then you can gear down and maintain.
16. 80/20. One day a week eat crap, the rest of the time eat healthy. It works! A cheat everyday mounts up!  
17. Intensity equals results. Go anaerobic.
18. Look for activities you enjoy that will make you test your body, I like basketball, baseball (does that count), football, ultimate, and of course weightlifting. What do you like?
19. Have ONE GOAL only. Contradicting goals will just leave you stagnant. I struggled for years with this. I still kind of struggle with it! Aarrgh…
20. Fill out your food diary!
21. The best ab exercise is…push yourself away from the dinner table, followed by heavy squats.
22. Which leads me to compound exercises, do them! Squats, pushups, lunges, sled pushes.
23. You only have to challenge and compete with yourself.
24. Have fun and don’t be hung up on the results.
25. You can always go harder. You can always be better.
You’ve just had an attitude adjustment 😉
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
A Langley Fitness Professional.