Langley Bootcamp and Arnold Schwarzenegger

All you need to know about being successful in the gym and at bootcamp can be learned from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Because the fitness industry probably wouldn’t be what it is if it werent for Arnold.

His physique was clearly a part of his success. But it was not by any means the reason for his success. Arnold reached the pinnacle because he was willing to work harder and devote himself more than anyone else. He has been a success at everything he has done. (Well, you may hear differently about the Governator, but the point is, he campaigned, and he won. That’s success!)

Arnold truly never stops dreaming, and taking constant, every day, relentless action to achieve his dreams! And with one dream achieved blooms a bigger dream…and repeat…Because his work ethic could not be matched, his will power could not be challenged, he would do anything he could to be the best.

And it was this foundation that led him from a 7 time Bodybuilding champion to a movie superstar where we all know him best.

And although, you may have never thought about it before…Those movies were thought provoking…These movies had valuable life lessons… These movies were your blueprint for success at The Bootcamp Effect.

So without further ado, here’s the Arnold Action Plan:

Define your goals

You need to know why you are doing anything. Dreams defined become goals. You need to have a roadmap to become a success with your fitness goals. Aimless wandering is time wasteful. You need to be the same in the gym. Set a reasonable and attainable goal. Achieve it, reward yourself and set another goal.

Remember The Terminator in this scene from Terminator 2…

He has an objective of finding some clothes that fit him and is relentless in his pursuit of this goal. Systematically, he checks each person for a suitable match. As soon as he obtains his goal, he rewards himself with a shotgun, some stylish shades, and sets off on his next goal to find John Connor.

Like what you do

If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing, you will not succeed. The people that have made the biggest mark on this earth are the people that followed a passion not a pension. It is my job to make your fitness path enjoyable, so that you can be engaged to attain your short and long term goals. The journey of success is not a short one, so if your only enjoyment is from when you attain your goal, then that is a lot of time spent doing something that doesn’t bring you joy.

In this clip from the movie Pumping Iron, you see how much Arnold really likes working out. So it no wonder how he achieved his goals with such success.

Never give up

There are always times when we doubt ourselves and wonder if we can finish a lift or if we are better off quitting. It’s human nature to doubt yourself. We’ll in this scene, we see that Arnold is not giving up against an alien predator even though it is invisible.

Look, he couldn’t even see what he was fighting! But dammit, he stayed positive, killed it, and somehow outran some sort of mushroom cloud explosion.

A support group makes all the difference

If you want to be the best, you got to train with the best. Let your friends and competition make you better. Here’s Arnold reuniting with an old member from his unit.

Those guys probably worked out together.

Allow one day a week for rest

You can’t kill it in the gym everyday. And the road of personal bests doesn’t happen on a linear line. Even if you are coming to bootcamp 6 days a week, it’s good to take rest and enjoy what you do. Rest is where the real growth of muscles occurs. (But don’t rest too long ;))

Here’s an example of how Arnold relaxes:

Ya ok, I know that wasn’t really resting, but I just wanted you the saying: “Let off some steam.” So in a way, this Arnold movie is a metaphor for your one cheat meal per week where you let off some steam and regulate your leptin hormone levels. Just sayin’.


It is all about consistency. I suppose no role of Arnold’s was more consistent that the one that skyrocketed him into international celebrity. I mean c’mon…He really didn’t even say anything this entire movie! If you are working out your hardest – talking should be the last thing you want to do… A body does not become what it is without the day in day out consistent effort. So when you leave that door at bootcamp, we both know, that if you want results, then you’ll be back.

And…I’ll be back because I am committed to your health and fitness goals.
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect
Voted Langley’s #1 Health and Fitness Provider

P.s. We achieved The Best of the best award because I followed the Arnold Movie Principles of Success…

I defined my goal – To be the biggest and best bootcamp in Langley.
I like what I do – Everyday it is a blessing to be in this amazing field of health and fitness, share my enthusiasm for active living, and combine all my strengths into one package. I mean…I just wrote a blog about Arnold and how it pertains to your time at bootcamp. Nowhere else but The Bootcamp Effect will that happen.
Never give up – I do not stop redefining and improving my systems so that your boot camp experience enables you greater results.
A support group makes all the difference – my family has helped me put together 2 gyms now, we had an amazing group of people help build the last one in a weekend, my trainers share my vision, and Karen is there anything you can’t do?
Allow one day a week for rest – Sometimes I’m good at this. I call it Sunday.
Consistency – See all of the above. And Repeat.