Langley Bootcamp 2012 action rant

The average person needs to be exercising 3-5x/week. Let me rephrase that… Get your ass to the bootcamp! Especially if you are a recent sign-up or are still on extended holidays!

To be successful in fat loss, you need to eat better, so if you are not attending bootcamp regularly, your diet should be superb. Diet, that’s a shitty word, I’m going to come up with something better, like; let’s say EATS! So the next time, I ask you, how’s your EATS? Don’t mistake me as Yankees fan from the Bronx. I just wanted to hammer home that the word diet to me means temporary, it means fail. And I don’t like fail. Speaking of temporary, another mass transit phrase is New Years Resolution…Yuck.

How bout I change that a little too… We’ll call it a NEW YOU REVOLUTION, starring your body. And guess what, the main star is your EATS!

You can come to bootcamp, have a great time, great workouts. (Yes, that is possible for you, you that have not experienced this Langley Bootcamp 😉 )
But if you ain’t got your EATS down then you will not see the results you or I want. And I want my results.

Editorial note: I can’t help but think about Brad Pitt in the movie Inglourius Basterds where he was saying he wants his scalps.

Good segway Josh….

Here’s Brad Pitt’s Abs in Fight Club

You ain’t getting abs like that. You ain’t getting the NEW YOU REVOLUTION unless you are dedicated to the BOOT and the EATS!

So get on it. There are many resources for you to follow. All bootcamp members are given a fat loss guide on great lifelong fat loss tips, and for the daring… there is a 14 day detox. I will be adding other resources to these that I believe in, as I believe that not every diet is for everyone.

In the meantime, what you should do is…TRACK your EATS!

I have given a food diary for you to fill in. If you want or need feedback, you may leave it at the desk and we will work on what’s best for you.

Tracking is so important. How can we know where we want to go, if we don’t know where we are…umm that kinda pertains to our body, but the point of all this is write down everything you eat before you eat it and please do this for a month. And then… relish in your results. If you do this for 1 month. You will get better results than you did last month. If you want a great app that many bootcamp members are using. Check out the myfitnesspal.

Once you get those results, you need to maintain them, so that your body can habituate to your new shape. Once your body becomes accustomed to being a certain size, it will stay there. And you know what, this takes approximately a year of being at your desired size to stay that way (to reset your metabolism). And when you have achieved your goal, you set another one, so that you keep momentum (and is a beautiful thing when it comes to fat loss). Using the “distraction” of your achievement goal, will reset your metabolism without you even knowing, and make you feel like a superhuman! The mogul Richard Branson, has stated one of the most important aspects to his success is working out. Sculpting that bod from the outside shapes the inside. After all, the first wealth in life is health. Think about what “health” means to you. Whether it be losing 10lbs, 6 pack abs, a bikini body, or getting rid of that aching back. Your intuition, that first thing that comes to mind, is your health.

Think about that.

P.s. You will need to attend bootcamp at least 3 days a week until you reach your fat loss goal. And since there are 32 Langley bootcamp times at The Bootcamp Effect, YOU CAN DO THIS.

And after you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, you can take down your achievement goal!

May I suggest that you join our bootcamp team for some boot camp family building fun at Tough Mudder…June 23rd?

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect – Langley’s boot camp choice…if there was a vote.

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