Langley Bootcamp 2 Plate Rule

To all bootcamp members and fitness fanatics,

Before we get into the 2 Plate Rule (which is seriously going to change the way you look at food). I would like to go over a brief explanation of what to expect over the next series of nutrition posts.

Because this information will change your life if you accept it, try it, and make it a habit.

Since exercise plays a big role in our daily energy expenditure and nutrient tolerance, it is so important that we eat based on our activity. Simply telling you to eat low carb is not the way to go in a realistic and long term setting. Success in fat loss is a long term adherence to great habits, and through all my studies, no body of work has been put together that is better taught and presented than what the world class coaches do at Precision Nutrition.

Precision Nutrition is a comprehensive nutrition education and certification body designed specifically for use in personal training and fat loss environments. They are the minds behind Pro Sports teams, UFC fighters, Nike, Livestrong, Men’s Health and the list goes on…

Everything I present to you is backed by the research scientists and doctors that are behind this organization.

And with that said, let’s get to the GOOD STUFF!

With healthy nutrition, we should be thinking about eating in terms of 2 plates. An anytime plate and a post workout plate.


The Anytime plate recommendation is for those who either don’t exercise (hopefully that is no one reading this!) – in which case, your meals would look like this plate –  or for those who do exercise in which case, you would eat Anytime meals for every meal outside the post-exercise period. (More on this in a minute.)

As you can see, most of the plate is full of nutrient-dense, high fiber, low-calorie vegetables. Protein helps with appetite control, maintaining lean mass, and optimizing the metabolism. Healthy fats offer a slew of benefits, and your drink of choice is water or tea.

If you’re a smaller person choose a smaller plate and larger plates if you’re a larger person.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, minimize starchy carbs until after exercise, which is when the body uses them most effectively. Seriously. This is the big takeaway from this post!!!!!!



The second plate is the “Post Workout” plate. The Post Workout plate recommendations are for those who perform intense exercise (like at bootcamp). In fact, especially like bootcamp! Your goal if you choose to accept it, is to eat these types of meals soon after intense bootcamp workouts. For example, if you workout at 6am, your breakfast is going to look like this. If you workout at 9:30am, your lunch will look like this, if you work out at 7:30pm, your dinner will look like this!

This plate helps you take advantage of the body’s metabolic response to exercise. It includes starchy carbohydrates and protein, which are great during times of increased glucose tolerance (during the post-exercise period). You should also be eating a mix of vegetables and fruits. Take a minute and compare the 2 plates… You’ll notice that fruit is added post workout and not during the anytime plate.  This is very important in fat loss goals! Do not overlook this! Another huge takeaway in nutrient timing!!!

You’ll also notice there isn’t much fat here, A higher fat meal post-workout slows the digestion of protein and carbohydrate. So it is recommended you eat your healthy fats during Anytime meals and most of your carbohydrates during your Post workout meals. Keep in mind you don’t have to avoid fat, just minimize added fat in your post workout meals.

You’ll also notice that the Post Workout portion is also slightly larger, as a small side dish of starchy carbohydrates on top of a full plate of protein and fruits/veggies has been added. Of course, one should use smaller or larger plates based on body size. More on this to come in later posts…

In terms of food selection, the Post Workout plate is still based on whole, unprocessed foods, as is indicated in the small print of the diagrams. If you can eat organic, even better.

Good nutrition is honest and outcome based. If you are eating good, you are getting good results. If you think you have been eating good, and are not getting the results you expect, you need to change what you are doing! Put aside counting calories for the time being and master the 2 plate rule.

And remember, if you want carbohydrates, you have to earn them with exercise and eat them in a post workout meal!!!!

With that said, see you at the gym!
Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
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