It’s Not Just a Warmup

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We here at BEFIT take your warmup very seriously.

Where most trainers or group fitness gyms may downplay the impact that a carefully crafted warmup may create, the team at BEFIT understands that this is the time where our coaching matters the most!

That’s because it’s not just a warmup, it’s a RAMP UP!

RAMP stands for:
– Range of motion
– Activation
– Movement
– Prep

We like to think of it as the RAMP UP to your workout for the day (WOD) starting from the ground UP in our 7-8 minute dynamic warmup.

Let’s break down how a typical RAMP UP might flow at BEFIT:

R – Range of Motion – working on range of motion for general physical preparedness (GPP) as well as the muscles that are being worked later in the workout. We typically start each RAMP UP with general physical preparedness movements like spiderman, goalie stretch, wrist flexors, squat to stand, downward dog, hip swings, and all 4’s t-spine rotation to name a few.

Activation – Next in the warmup, we typically begin activating the muscles that are going to be used for the day with fundamental movement patterns, that are less technical and easier on the body.

For example:

  • If we’ve got deadlifts in the workout of the day, we’ll activate the hips with hip extensions
  • If we’ve got thrusters or goblet squats, we’ll activate the quads with air squats
  • If we’ve got pushups we’ll work the shoulder blades with plank scap pushup

Movement Prep
– This is where the majority of the warmup is spent and where we work on the movements in the workout of the day. Whether it be explaining and demoing exercises or giving you the opportunity for warmup sets with a lighter load, we find this best sets you up for success in the workout by getting your mind and body RAMPED UP and ready for the workout!

(Sorry couldn’t help myself.)

Like we say in the gym:

3-2-1 Go!

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

P.s. This formula works best with getting in the gym 10 minutes prior to the start time of the session, getting the equipment you need for the warmup and the workout and working on any tight spots or limiting factors. As always, we are here to help you with any questions you have about your health and fitness journey.

P.p.s. T3’s! (inside joke – hey you know, if you know!)

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