Introducing LVFiT – Langley’s newest boutique group fitness studio and gym

langley gym, langley fitness, lvfit, langley boxing

People have been asking me about franchising and opening up other locations of BEFIT for years.

The truth is, it’s so specialized and unique that I don’t believe it should be replicated.

But at the same time, Karen and I saw a hole in the market that can create a lot of change in people’s lives.

So we got to thinking…

How could we replicate the magic that BEFIT has in a boutique gym setting that could be duplicated across the lower mainland while providing that amazing service, personalization, strength training and cardio all in 1 convenient session?

We came up with LVFiT.

langley gym, langley fitness, lvfit, langley boxing

LVFiT is Langley’s newest group personal training workout based on high intensity interval training that combines the sweet science and power development of boxing with the strength building magic of trx, bodyweight and dumbbell training.


We will be opening LVFiT Langley in May 2018 and we wanted to offer a very special grand opening offer to current BEFIT members.

Here’s a look at our rates at LVFiT:
lvfit, langley gym, langley fitness

But if you would like to stay a member of BEFIT and compliment it with an unlimited LVFiT membership then you may sign up as a founding member at LVFiT for $79/month.

langley gym, langley fitness, langley boxing

Yes, this offer is JUST FOR ACTIVE BEFIT members and this is only valid with an active BEFIT membership.

  • Unlimited sessions at LVFiT for $79/month.
    (includes a custom pair of LVFiT quick wraps).
  • This offer expires the day of our grand opening.

So how is LVFiT different from BEFIT?

  • LVFiT workouts are 45 minutes. BEFIT are 55 minutes.
  • You have to sign up for sessions and pick your spot at LVFiT. Sessions are capped at 26/session with 13 boxing spots and 13 strength training spots where you’ll train for half the session on boxing and half the session on strength training.
  • There is 1 trainer per session at LV, 2 at BE.
  • You have your own station with your own dumbbell rack, trx, or boxing bag at LV, we share at BE.
  • We don’t have sleds, rowers, or bikes at LV, but we have boxing!

You may learn more about us or take us up on the limited time $79/month add-on by visiting our website at www.lvfitinc.com. (You won’t find our special $79/month offer to BEFIT members on the site, but you can email us and we’ll set it up for you).

You can follow LVFiT on facebook or instagram at @lvfitinc

Committed to your success,
Josh and Karen
langley gym, langley boxing, langley fitness, lvfit

P.s. Karen and I will still be a big part of the BEFIT coaching scene, and is one of the reasons why we decided to open LVFiT in Langley so that moving forward, we will still be just as much connected with the BEFIT family as we always have.