Inspire, Empower, Effect

Originally published April 25, 2011.

Get inspired, be empowered, cause effect.

Small moves are the foundation of beautiful dreams.
But when we let fear and doubt enter our mind, we start to lose our way from these dreams.
Because we are capable of these and capable of such horrible nightmares.

And the last thing we want is for that nightmare to be our life.

Occam’s razor – all things being equal, the simplest explanation seems to be the right one. You want to be fit, you put the effort in. You put the effort into exercise and you put it into your eating habits. Then you rest and then repeat. You begin to like it, you like what you see, then you get hooked. It’s ok to succumb to your vanity, you’re only human, and if getting that high because you know look good causes you to be happier in your life and spread cheer and perform altruistic gestures then wow the smallest of moves compounded over time are the foundation of beautiful dreams!

What do you believe? You may be governed by a different covenant, you join because of your health, your performance, your wedding? We all have a common goal – the pursuit to be our best, the pursuit to give our best. The universe is infinite. Think about that for a second…. Your dreams can be infinite. Don’t be constrained by your past, living in the present, there is infinite capacity for achievement.

You are not alone. You can become apart of the effect…

Real success is derived from a strong mindset, and having the courage to do the things that put you out of your comfort zone. In the end it all boils down to heart. Do you have the heart to do it everyday, even on the days when you don’t feel like it?

Mindset is everything. If you’re going to do anything, just own it. Just f**king own it!!! If marketing for dumbies taught me anything, it’s confidence sells. (And sex).

You get what you believe you deserve, raise your mindset as you deserve whatever the heck you want in this life. So don’t settle for anything that doesn’t make you truly happy.

There will be obstacles in your way…. Fear and Doubt. And they will appear frequently. Essentially fear of uncertainty and fear of failure will destroy your life. You will never have that success that you crave and be cursed to live a safe, boring existence possibly void of true happiness.

Most people experience fear and doubt…wait a minute…everyone experiences fear and doubt! It is the most successful of us that hear it, acknowledge it, and keep going right through it.

Fast forward to the future…Where you gonna be? Don’t worry about what can go wrong. These thoughts will f*** you before you even begin.

Just take action and be a renegade. There is nothing else. You can be whoever you want to be. Be that person who walks around with that humble sense of superiority, who makes mistakes and realizes that it’s by taking action, by firing before aiming before being ready is going to get you closer to your excellence.

And forget the naysayers along the way. Don’t worry about them, they don’t matter. Naysayers typically aren’t action takers and their fearful existence is all they know (but that’s not yours now is it!) Your existence under these stars, your purpose, your passion, your soul is what matters! How can a negative person affect and trump that?

You have an idea for a business. Take action
You want to have the body you want. Take action.
You want to be a famous rockstar. Take action

It all starts on a piece of paper, it all starts with that first scap pushup, it all starts with that first get together in the garage…

Trailblazers rarely walk an easy path. Develop an action plan that you can implement immediately. Thinking too much about the things you have to do, will just make you paralyzed from over analyzing things. Combat it with small attainable goals. Write down these goals, make a plan, and take action. Keep chipping away at the walls until your free from your prison.

Success lies concealed in every failure, unlock it with persistent chipping at your goal. Keep in mind that you are not trying, you are doing. Trying is accepting failure, trying is not committing.

Make every moment count. You must take every opportunity to chip away at what stands in your way of the life you dream about and deserve. Build the tunnel that connects your dreams with reality. And at the end of that is the life designed. Your plan executed. Your goals made. Your dreams a reality.

Josh Saunders