How to not lose weight: The 9 things that are killing your weight loss goals

Hi guys,
I’m back and this was a blog I wrote a while back, but it just turns out it is going to be timed perfectly with my latest announcement…. drum roll please…

The Biggest Winner is Back!

And if you win, you get free bootcamp!

So this blog was inspired by a conversation I had a while ago regarding nutrition….

Enter the 9 things you may be doing right now that is killing your weight loss goals, and will stop you from winning The Biggest Winner.

1. Being Impatient
The people who look the way they do, do so for a reason, they have great habits, they are commited to their goals, and will stay in on weekends and not drink, (or go out on weekends and not drink, or go out and drink and exercise so bloody hard that they feel dizzy and have crazy dry mouth and the thought of conversing during a workout makes them want to pass out). So thou shall not let impatience ruin your progress if you are not looking like that cover model at week 8. It’s the slow progressive manner of weight loss that will equate to the new you. A healthy and realistic approach is 1-2lbs per week. (Or $5-10 bucks per month – it’s up to you!)

2. Don’t eat breakfast
It just makes your body store fat, that’s all. Not to mention you’ll have no energy to complete your morning bootcamp workouts (if that is your kinda thing.) Bananas are seriously so quick to grab and eat, so do it! (I probably eat too many bananas as a result of this convenience).

I only look like that when I wake up.

3. Not counting your calories for a week
I dare you too! I dare you to see how much you are probably overeating per day and killing your goal. So fill out that bloody food diary for a week and see what the situation is.

The Situation

4. Juice is for babies
You can eat real juice – it has fibre! So drink water instead and save all those empty calories and sugar for someone else.

5. Snacking on the fat free low cal
Anything coming in a package is not going to help you lose weight! You know this! There’s also a lot of sugar hidden on that label beneath that massive no fat sign or whatever brilliant marketing ploy that has been invented in the last 10 minutes.

6. Not eating anything
This should probably have been number 1 infact as this is the worst thing that you can do to your body as it slows your metabolism and makes you a fat storing machine.

7. Eating large meals
Stop. Split that puppy up into snacks. And eat more frequently!

8. Eating high GI carbs
Low GI carbs such as leafy greens is the sound and responsible choice for weight loss. Here’s a nice summary of low GI foods.

9. Not snacking
If you are going 9 hours in a day without eating then you are setting yourself up for disaster – you need to eat every 2-3-4 hours – apples, vegetables, almonds, protein shake, just eat something! And if you are at work, seriously take that break to eat food. If you need to eat, then eat! Let the universe mould to your will! (And you’ll think clearer and be more productive on a full stomach).

P.s. The Biggest Winner starts June 13th. 3 months of pushups, ultimate, bootcamp baseball, beach volleyball, squats, sled races… The Bootcamp Effect is dedicated to getting you results, are you dedicated to your results?

Ya you are!

Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS