High Intensity Hump Day (It’s Wednesday!)

Wednesday is one of those workouts that I’m excited yet nervous about…

In fact, you may be standing around a little waiting for equipment at the beginning of the session.

But that’s ok.

You see, you will get maximum benefit from this bootcamp workout if you go ALL OUT on the row or bike.

– leaving nothing behind
– no pacing
– no thinking of other things on your to do list.
– tight in your core, shoulders back
– 100% committed and focussed on the objective ahead and giving your honest best effort.

All we ask is all you got.

After giving all you got, the response of your body will be wanting to rest and recover oxygen for about 5 mins. We’re giving you at least 4 mins (and a few mobility and core exercises to keep your mind occupied) before going after it again.

This is high intensity interval training.

This is time for a results or excuses – not both tagline.

To the details:
You’ll have 18 mins to have 2 or 3 attempts at either a 1 mile bike on gear 15 (fundamentals) or a 500m row (fitness and befit). This will take you approximately 1:30-2:30min depending on your fitness level. This is intended to be an ALL OUT EFFORT. Don’t leave anything behind. Take note of your time for personal improvement, rest at least 4 mins, and repeat.

The correct start and finish position when on the concept 2 rower.

There are some mobility and core exercises provided to keep you occupied in the “4 minute rest”. If you find yourself thinking the rest is too long, ask yourself, “is this all I got?”

Befit Finisher
Befit prepare to breathe hard! This is the 80-60-40-20 chipper that we first saw at Bootcamp Effect’s 1st Ever Decathlon. A chipper is defined as chipping away 1 exercise at a time, finishing all the reps before moving onto the next exercise. No modifying double unders! If you don’t have them, please do the fitness workout and you will have a chance to work on your double under technique. If you can do double unders but not fluidly, grind them out 1 at a time and earn it! This finisher is a great measurement tool of your aerobic capacity, skill level, and core strength.

Fundamentals/Fitness Finisher
You have a 40 on 20 off circuit alternating between a cardio exercise and a core exercise. You’ll be happy to know it’s only 2 rounds, so you should be able to move at 80% of your max effort or higher and being able to relatively recover for your next cardio or core exercise.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect