Habit 1 – The tortoise won the race

The Bootcamp Effect is all about changing 1 habit at a time. This is the most successful approach to creating a lifestyle with longterm results in mind.

Remember, the tortoise beats the hair, and this especially pertains to the first habit you should consider with your nutritional habits…

Because building a foundation of healthy nutritional habits is not a race!

Habit 1 – Eat slowly and stop at 80% full

Is your life a non-stop hectic rush? Well, it’s no wonder then that many of us eat far too quickly! We’ve all gotten in the habit in fact to eating to the point of fullness at each meal. Unfortunately, when it pertains to fat loss, this type of eating will always present challenges to leanness, performance, and health. Eating to 100% fullness is the strategy to be used for someone who wants to gain weight – and this works nearly everytime!

For starters, it takes about 20 minutes for our satiety mechanisms to kick in. In other words, the communication between our stomach, to our brain, and back to our stomach is slow. Because of this, if we eat quickly, we’re likely to eat far too much in the 20 minute time period before our brain finally says: “I’m good. You can stop eating now.”


How to do this:

Aim for about 15-20 minutes per meal. If this is ambitious, get in a conversation, take smaller bites, chew food completely. When we slow down in this way, we tend to eat fewer calories with each meal. And we can better tune into our appetite signals. If taking this long is impossible for your lifestyle, try just a few extra minutes…

It really is all about stopping at 80% full. This can be defined as “eating until no longer hungry” instead of “eating until full.” This will take some trial and error. Eating slower and short of fullness will be brand new territory for most people.

This table will help:

photo (99)

Some additional benefits of slower eating and stopping at 80% fullness include:

• Enhanced appetite cues for the next meal
• Improved digestion
• Better performance with exercise/workouts
• More time to enjoy meals
• Better sleep if you’re eating before bed

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect
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