Friday – FriYAY – November 2018 (REMEMBRANCE)

Part A is a rest as needed triset. If you don’t need any rest, don’t take it. The focus is on A1 and A3 in this part. We put a skill core movement in there just to give you more rest between the other 2 movements.

Be very careful on abwheel flutter kicks. DO NOT LET THE ABWHEEL MOVE!

Yes, that is an 8 sec down on that push press! Move your head out of the bar path. You want the bar moving in as straight of a line as possible!

The part B finisher is a take on a finisher we have done in the past. You have 75 reps of an exercise to do, and everytime you have to rest you have to do the B2 exercise before you can continue your count of A1. You are trying to get 75 reps done as fast as possible with quality.

Note – leave 1 rep on the tank on the bench press in each set. We don’t want to be picking bars off your chest all workout!

Exercise Index:
Tuck Planche