Fort Langley Historic 10K and Half Marathon


Today marked either a first or another race under the belts of your fellow bootcampers. Fort Langley hosted their 7th annual historic half marathon this morning with distances of 21.1km, 10km, and 5km. The Bootcamp Effect started a running group back in November 2011, with 8 people signed up. Due to injuries & illness’ not everyone was able to participate this morning. But not to worry they will be training for another race soon! Maybe Tough Mudder?

With 4 months of training our runners only had one thing in mind… to cross that finish line and ACHIEVE their first fitness goal of 2012. Carb loading the night before, sleeping early, waking up 2 hours minimum prior to gun time to fuel efficiently and effectively, all runners started getting those pre-race jitters. Driving out to Fort Langley, trying to find parking in the little village, and finally seeing all other participants with race bibs on crowding to one area meant nerves have sky rocketed. The doubts of finishing, stopping, or not beating their personal best were on their minds. Warming up, getting motivated, as each pace group set off, they started to feel like this is it: “I CAN DO IT!”

With that said I am proud to present our fellow Bootcamp runners:

Veteran half marathoners Nicole Gerow (personal best even with a calf injury) and Robin Vainionpaa ran the half marathon. Alisha Kuntz a 10km veteran ran another 10k beating her personal best of around 50 minutes (actual results not yet released). And last but not least Jennifer Kaps ran her first ever 10km race!


Krystine Fernandez
The Bootcamp Effect

P.S. Here’s some pics of the team: