Flawless Fundamentals – Doing The Common Uncommonly Well

Flawless fundamentals at bootcamp? A little taste of doing the common uncommonly well.

In my experience we are all too eager to progress to complex and advanced exercises.

In a time crunched, rush of a world, where we all are seeking instant gratification, mastering the fundamentals is the last thing on our minds. We want the sexy exercises. But the thing is, without taking the time to perfect the fundamentals, we stunt our long term progress dramatically. What we want is not necessarily what we need. We get caught up in these type of exercises when what we need is to squat, lunge, bend, twist, push, pull and move better.

At Bootcamp Effect we will be demanding excellence in this regard. Moving forward, you will not be doing an advanced exercise if you don’t have the fundamental element perfect. You have no business performing an overhead squat if we have to correct your squat. You will not be performing, a deadlift to high pull, if your deadlift needs work.

We insist the basics be perfect. For your progress, for injury proofing your body. For your results!

Good enough is not good enough. This rush to advance will only increase injuries and delay your improvement. We owe this to you as your trainers and coaches, please don’t look for any shortcuts and get in your own way.

We hope you can appreciate our pursuit of mastery of the fundamentals. You will be better off because of it.

Committed to your results,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect